Obama’s Open Letter to Cops: “We Have Your Backs”

“We have your backs.” Where have I heard that before? Oh yes. Here.

Obama writes open letter to cops. Nice try, Jackass. This latest phony, politically-motivated lip service from you reminds me a lot of the mother of all your phony rhetoric, the episode that launched your national career and a thousand thrills up a thousand liberal legs, your “no blue America, no red America, only the United States of America” speech at the 2004 Democrat convention. That had the emotionally-driven, low-information types swooning, right along with the leftists in the media, but you didn’t believe a word of it. Of course, you had to lie. That’s an essential play in the Left’s strategy. As an Alinsky acolyte, your plan was all about divide and conquer. Divide based on income. Divide based on gender. Most of all, divide based on race. That last one is your golden ticket, and that’s why you continue to talk out of both sides of your mouth about the current war on police, a war that you are responsible for fueling with your statements and behavior.

I detailed a number of the statements and incidents in which you proved where your real sympathies lie in this post about your cringe-inducing performance at the Dallas Memorial for the 5 officers murdered by a man who clearly shared your belief that the police act not only “stupidly,” but with “implicit bias,” as in racism against blacks.

Let me also remind you that you have also said that Beyoncè “could not not be a better role model for your girls.” Really? The same woman who is the celebrity face of the “Black Lives Matter” hoax, who celebrates criminal thug Michael Brown, killed trying to take a police officers gun, and the lie of “hands up, don’t shoot.” You invited some of these George Soros-funded frauds to share their wisdom in the White House. BTW, I’ve been wondering when you sit down with these worthless “activists,” do you discuss that one of their inspirations is the cop killer Joanne Chesimard aka Assata Shakur, who still lives happily in Cuba? Did you discuss Ms. Chesimard when you were doing the “wave” with the murderous Castro brothers when you visited them as part of normalizing relations with that brutal communist regime?

So note to Obama: no one believes that you have the backs of anyone other than your fellow race-baiting leftists, at least no one who has enough sense to connect the dots. We can see that any time you sense that the mask is slipping before an election, making it possible that people might see that you are not that charming, all-American guy of 2004, you go into damage control mode and start issuing risible statements like this one.

If I’m wrong, please prove it by coming out and saying “Attention, Everyone. You no doubt have seen the report from my Justice Department that found that “hands up, don’t shoot” never happened, and that was according to at least 5 black eye witnesses. So, anyone who says that it did happen to try to stoke the flames of division and fear is doing just that, which is the opposite of constructive. Unfortunately, it looks like many in the s0-called “Black Lives Matter” movement believe that it did happen. I’m here to tell you that it did not.”


  1. No question about it, Ken, and I am THOROUGHLY disgusted by that, along with everything else about B.Hussein Obama.

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