Obama’s Paid Liar Jay Carney Outdoes Himself. Benghazi Emails Aren’t About Benghazi



  1. I would like to point out that the Benghazi cover-up was a complete failure in that immediately upon its presentation to the public by the Obama administration its veracity was called into question. The only people who bought the administration’s version of events were the Obama supporters that were eagerly and enthusiastically searching for reasons to support Obama and deflect criticism from him. Now finally we have proof positive that the critics of how the Obama administration mishandled the Benghazi situation were right all along. The only thing that the administration has done is to demonstrate their willingness to lie for political reasons and their willingness to cover up their lying.

  2. It is shocking, Janness, and I agree. It’s almost like performance art, something the late Andy Kaufman might have done, so much so that we wouldn’t be surprised if it were revealed that the whole routine was a gag, a put on. I do believe that even some the One’s emotionally-driven, lo fo supporters are starting to catch on. That’s how bad it is. How times do they think they can keep running this “He had no idea that this was going on! He is outraged! He is mad as hell! (See IRS targeting, see Fast and Furious, See Obamacare, See Susan Rice and Benghazi, see, most recently, VA). I know that they concluded that they could con a substantial portion of the public based on the 2008 and 2012 elections, but now they are overplaying their hand. At best, if it were true that he never has any clue about all these screwups, then he is a completely disengaged, worthless executive, who does nothing but campaign, read his TelePrompter in front of human wallpaper mascots, and play golf. That’s the reality of Mr. Empty Suit, as you called him, but he and apparatchiks know very well what they are doing, as they make good on their promise to “remake” our country. God help us!
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