With Obama’s Pink Line, It’s Official. His Foreign Policy Has Jumped the Shark.

Barack Obama, whose major selling point to many Democrats in 2008 was opposing the “dumb war” in Iraq, and who accused George W. Bush of acting unilaterally to oppose Saddam Hussein, is now prepared to go it alone in taking action against Syria. After yesterday’s stunning rebuke of U. K. Prime Minister David Cameron, thanks to Obama’s lack of leadership, the only ones joining us are the French, formerly known as cheese-eating surrender monkeys. So, Barack Obama who excoriated George W. Bush for “unilaterally” acting to remove Saddam Hussein, even though Pres. Bush had a Congressional authorization for which both Hillary Clinton and John Kerry voted, and Saddam Hussein had violated 17 U.N. resolutions. It’s through the looking glass, Kids.

Like Hillary Clinton, John Kerry was for Bashir Assad before he was against him. I felt a little sorry for Lurch today, trying to go out there and save Obama’s sorry rear end.

No doubt here’s what will happen. Sometime over this holiday weekend, Barack Obama, having given Bashir Assad plenty of advance notice to insure that his action be as lame and ineffectual as possible, will fire a couple of missiles into Syria, then declare victory and leave the field.

I’m a little curious what the idealistic youngsters who supported him for his courageous anti-war stance think of the 180 Mr. Hope and Change has done.

This whole charade isn’t about the 100,000 people killed in Syria in this war. it’s about the fact that an inexperienced, clueless, narcissistic empty suit put his foot in his mouth, and now that he has painted himself into a corner, he has to do whatever he can to try to save face.

Yes we can!


  1. Charade is the proper word Teri, like in this…(CIA Agent) Anderson Cooper and CNN have been caught STAGING news segments with crisis actors.


  2. I cannot help but wonder why those who are so eager to punish Assad for the alleged use of a weapon of mass destruction (if nerve gas is not a weapon of mass destruction then what is it?) remained silent when Saddam Hussein was using weapons of mass destruction to gas Kurds by the thousands.

  3. Oh, I’ll be talking about John McCain on tomorrow’s show.

  4. Thanks, Ev. I don’t think it took a genius to know well in advance what this inexperienced, unaccomplished, Marxist empty suit was going to do, and I’m not happy to be right about it.

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