Obama’s Post-Racial America Update: Potty-Mouth Rapper Azealia Banks Rants in Playboy, Two Kids Beaten Up in Indianapolis Park

Potty-Mouth Rapper Azealia Banks Rants in Playboy, Two Kids Beaten Up in Indianapolis Park

H/T Jim Treacher, Daily Caller, in his post, “Two Children Beaten In An Indianapolis Park; Motive Unknown, Unknowable.  who points out “there is no way to know why this happened. Period.”

Gee, will there be any protests? Demands for firings of local officials in Indy? Morons disrupting people’s Sunday brunches? No, black on white crime is just local law enforcement, and woe be to anyone who points out the “disproportionate” numbers involved, as in the percentage of blacks in the population v. percentage of crimes they commit.

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Gee, do you think that this imbecile rapper Azealia Banks has been influenced by any of the healing rhetoric that comes from B. Hussein Obama, Eric Holder, or their BFF, Al “I require a first class ticket and a suite” Sharpton? Here’s what the 23 year-old high school dropout has to say about America in Playboy, according to the Daily Mail:

‘I hate everything about this country.’
And the opinionated rapper didn’t stop there.
‘I hate fat white Americans,’ she said. ‘All the people who are crunched into the middle of America, the real fat and meat of America, are these racist conservative white people who live on their farms.’ …

And she continued: ‘Those little teenage girls who work at Kmart and have a racist grandma—that’s really America.’
This isn’t the first time Azealia has hit out at something she disliked, with her infamous Twitter rants seeing her attack everything from white Australian rapper Iggy Azalea to gay men and the descendants of slave owners.
She defended her strong opinions in the article, saying that a a young black woman she was labelled ‘angry’ as a way of dismissing her views.
‘It’s always about race,’ insisted the Broke With Expensive Taste singer. ‘Lorde [the white New Zealand singer] can run her mouth and talk s*** about all these other b*****es, but y’all aren’t saying she’s angry.
‘If I have something to say, I get pushed into the corner..y’all mother****ers still owe me reparations! That’s why it’s still about race.
‘Really, the generational effects of Jim Crow and poverty linger on. As long as I have my money, I’m getting the f*** out of here and I’m gonna leave y’all to your own devices.’

Unfortunately, I’m sure that, like so many of the other pop culture pinheads before her, who also vowed to leave the country, she won’t. Please Azealia, be a woman of your word, and take your potty mouthed act to a country that will appreciate you more.

Let me say it again. The thing I like best about living in Obama’s America is the end of racism.

UPDATE: Starbucks wants its employees to discuss race with you when you go to get your morning coffee.

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