Obama’s Relentless Assault on the Bill of Rights Explodes in His Face: Today on The Teri O’Brien Show

Have you put a Post-it over your laptop’s camera yet?

In 2007 and 2008, when Sen. Barack Hussein Obama ran for president, he excoriated President George W. Bush, and Vice President Cheney for the policies their administration used to fight terrorism, which he characterized as anti-American, unconstitutional, and out of sync with “who we are.” Perhaps it’s time for the Consumer Products Safety or one of the thousands of federal agencies with their armies of bureaucrats eating out our substance to bring a bait-and-switch case against the One because Senator Obama would be appalled by the actions of President Obama, a man with an exuberant enthusiasm for drone strikes, even against American citizens “suspected” of terrorism, and a complete lack of concern about the federal government collecting an endless amount of information about our phone calls, emails and internet activity. As many have noted earlier this week, Richard Nixon bugged an office. Barack Obama is bugging the whole country. And, to continue with the 1970’s comparison, Benghazi is still worse than Watergate, where no one died, and Daniel Ellsberg’s “Pentagon Papers” looks like the work of backward children compared to this past week’s unprecedented release of extremely classified information from the National Security Agency, including the very enlightening PowerPoint presentation about the previously completely secret “Prism.”

Are you troubled by the leak of this extremely classified information, and do you want the leakers severely punished? Of course, one person’s leaker is another person’s whistleblower. Is the reason that this activity is so problematic because it’s clear now that this administration has been using the enormous power of the federal government to single out and target political opponents and wage war against certain media outlets? This administration has waged war on the Bill of Rights for years, so is it any wonder that so many of us are connecting the dots between the IRS targeting, and the attempts to criminalize serious journalism, with the revelations about the NSA? Will the average American soon begin to do the same? This confluence of events presents a teachable moment about the danger of an ever-expanding government. Will Republicans have the sense and gumption to seize this moment?

Like everything else Barack Obama and his apparatchiks do, what appears to be a dramatic change in attitude about national security and the most effective ways to fight international terrorism is nothing of the sort. Nor is it simply the result of the inevitable change that happens to a person when he takes office and learns things that only a president knows. It’s part of a calculated political strategy. We’ll unpack that on today’s show.

We’ll also ask our guest Andrew Marcus, director of “Hating Breitbart” what the fearless truthseeker, the late Andrew Breitbart, would have made of these scandals.

Also blatantly political is the in-your-face selection of Susan Rice, who misled the entire national six weeks before last year’s presidential election, for the position of National Security Advisor. This promotion to a job that does not require Senate confirmation is her reward for being a good soldier. Her primary, actually only, qualification for this important position is her rabid loyalty to Barack Obama. She will join the protective coven surrounding him, led by Valerie Jarrett, who has been surprisingly absent of late. Of course, it’s not a done deal that Benghazi will be forgotten. Will Republicans in U.S. Senate put holds on the nominations of Victoria “Talking Points Rewrite” Neuland for Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Samantha “U.S. Mea Culpa” Power for U.N. Ambassador?

Under the radar, Sen. Marco Rubio made a stunning, and very disappointing, admission about the amnesty bill has been shilling for. Isn’t border security a huge piece of the national security puzzle?

Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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