Obama’s Revenge: Liberal Activist Judges. Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 4-16-2017


The Teri O'Brien Show

The Teri O’Brien Show,

Obama’s Revenge: he packed the federal courts with post-Constitutional liberal activist judges. God help us! Is there anything we can do about it? Yes, there is. Listen to this episode for more.

Obama's Revenge

Image from Patriot Institute: http://www.patriotinstitute.org/tag/activist-judges/


These Iowa sisters helped change the law for the better. Nicely done!

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Links to stories we discussed on the show are below. 


In this episode:

  • Are we being too optimistic about the Gorsuch confirmation? Will that be enough to stop activist federal judges from continuing to destroy the country and trample the Constitution?
  • Do you realize how close we came to losing the 2nd amendment?
  • The democrats says there is no vote fraud. Really? These two stories from just last week prove otherwise.
  • Feel good story: Two Iowa girls changed state law to expand 2nd Amendment rights
  • McCain Says President Trump is “Growing.” Are you concerned?
  • Did immigrants poop in Coke cans?
This is the book I referred to in this edition of the show, Stolen Sovereignty: How to Stop Unelected Judges from Transforming America 


Links from the Show

Gorsuch on the Court is Good News, but It’s Not Enough (Listen to this episode and please let me know if you agree that even if Pres. Trump gets to appoint 4 justices it will make very little difference.)

12 reasons why Federal Judiciary is irremediably broken

These Four Cases Will Quickly Show Who Gorsuch Really Is | Mother Jones

The Federalist #78

FLASHBACK 1: The Real Reason to Be Extremely Upset About the Supreme Court’s Non-Decision

FLASHBACK 2: Swinging Justice Kennedy Told Us 17 Years Ago That He Favored Gay Marriage

2nd Amendment Update

Sisters Successfully Change Iowa Youth Shooting Law as Part of Major Gun Rights Legislation

Judicial Watch Files Suit Seeking ATF Records on Attempted Ammo Ban – Washington Free Beacon

An inconvenient right: Ninth Circuit fails to protect 2nd Amendment

Thomas and Alito Expose the 4 Liberal Judges Dragging Feet on Second Amendment

The Left’s Latest Hope, Jon Ossoff (I predict he will not survive the special election and get at least 50%).

Nate Silver Says Ossoff is ‘Making Sh*t Up’ in Fundraising Email

Celebrity anti-war activist Jane Fonda donates $2,000 to Jon Ossoff

Democrats Tell Us That There is NO Vote Fraud. Really?

Swing State Election Worker Charged With Illegally Changing Records To Allow Felons to Vote – Washington Free Beacon

Noncitizen Pleads Guilty in Kansas Voter Fraud Case – Washington Free Beacon

Trump “Palace Intrigue”: Are You Concerned?

Weiner Rising in White House: Ally of Disgraced Ex-Congressman Hired – Breitbart

Remaking America Update (devoted to stories about the Left’s project to destroy America by importing illegals and “refugees” aka future democrat voters)

Illegal deported 4 times charged in sex attack on girl, 2

Did illegal immigrants poop in Coke cans?

Carr: Hard to pry PC out of just-us | Boston Herald

Sanctuary cities free 253 illegal-alien criminals in 2 weeks


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