Obama’s Secret Meetings with Another Brilliant Advisor, Daily Show’s Jon Stewart

Obama’s trusted advisors. First, it’s race-baiting lunatic, the TelePrompTer-reading challenged Al Sharpton. Now we learn that this brain trust also included The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart.

You know how I always say that the genius of the 2008 Obama campaign was it’s ability to mobilize ignorant and emotionally-driven, the people whose only previous voting with consisted of their texting multiple times on a Tuesday night to insure the victory of their favorite “American Idol” contestant?

These are the people I’m talking about.

And these are the people who get their “news” from Comedy Central programs like “The Daily Show.”

Now by way of Mediate, reporting on Politico’s story about the collusion between the Obama White House and Comedy Central, we learn that the Regime understood where to find the low-information, stunningly-ignorant millennials, and went right at them.

The host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show Jon Stewart secretly met with President Barack Obama at the White House on at least two occasions, which were followed with on-air attacks on Obama’s political enemies.

Politico’s Darren Samuelsohn wrote his paper’s farewell to Stewart, who is set to retire from The Daily Show next Thursday. He notes that Stewart had an enormous effect on national politics, but sometimes “that effect took the form of either prodding, or working in concert with, the Obama administration.”

Samuelsohn reports that Stewart visited the Oval Office in the fall of 2011 to privately meet with Obama, in the midst of heated budget negotiations. According to former Obama aide Austan Goolsbee, “the president wanted to counter his critics on the left and lay the groundwork for his 2012 re-election campaign.”

Something else I say a lot: “Idiocracy is here.”

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