Obama’s Secret Plan for an Illegal Alien Invasion: The Teri O’Brien Show, Sunday,11-30-14

The Teri O'Brien Show

Obama’s Secret Plan for an Illegal Alien Invasion

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While the so-called “news” shows, both in the Lame Stream Media and even on your favorite cable networks, luxuriate in their obsession with America’s racism, we have more important fish to fry; specifically, we’ll continue connecting the dots on Barack Obama’s illegal amnesty scheme. Last week, we explained that this disgusting affront to the Constitution and the rule of law was about the obvious desire by Obama and his minions to increase the number of people eager to vote democrat to keep the free stuff spigot flowing, but not only that. It’s part of a larger strategy, one that Obama has been dreaming of since he was a student at Columbia, and maybe even longer. It’s about implementing the Cloward-Piven strategy of engineered chaos in order to destroy capitalism and the traditional American society that the Left despises.

This week, we’ll dig into the philosophical underpinnings that guide radical leftists like Obama to want to smash everything we hold dear, cultural Marxism.

Radical leftists understand that deception is an essential component of creating their utopia (right, Professor Gruber?), and this weekend we learn the inside story of the Regime’s scheming behind the scenes to create this lawless racket. Of course, the lies about amnesty are only more in a continuing series of dishonesty that has characterized Barack Obama’s entire political career. Recall the many lies about Obamacare.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

Who authored the amnesty plan that Obama unleashed on the country ten days ago?

How long have they been cooking this up?

How does one judges opinion in a 2013 immigration case demonstrate the lie that the surge of “unaccompanied minors” during the summer of 2014 was a “surprise?”

What did damning admission did Obama make last week in Chicago off the ‘Prompter?

What critical component of Obama’s health care law did he bend over backwards to lie to you about, while also deceiving the courts? Did the Lame Stream Media drop the ball by not telling you?

Why Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel fired?

How many kinds of pie did the Obamas enjoy at their Thanksgiving dinner? (Hint: more than you, Bitter Clinger.)

Be ahead of the curve! Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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