Obama’s Summer Rerun

Here we go again. Today, our Dear Reader will once again set up his TelePrompTer in front of another group of wet-behind-the-ears college students to perform his tired schtick, a cross between bad standup, which wasn’t even funny the first time, and screaming sloganeering designed to whip the kids into an emotional frenzy. Expect more clever remarks about someone ordering a steak dinner and a martini, and leaving someone else with the check. I guess the silly self-important children who write this foolish drivel for him to read think we won’t realize that that’s not the best analogy for our current economic crisis. It’s more like a “community-organizing” jackass with a clipboard showing up with a screeching mob outside your restaurant and demanding that everyone be given a free steak dinner and that the martinis keep flowing at your expense. Barack Obama and his left-wing activist pals in ACORN were the ones threatening financial institutions with accusations of RAAAACISM if they didn’t give mortgages to those without the means to pay back what they borrowed. Now, we have the ridiculous spectacle of his trying to blame his predecessor in office for the consequences of the policies he enthusiastically advocated.

What a contrast between Barack Obama and the members of his administration, notably the arrogant, and proudly incompetent Eric Holder, and J.P. Morgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon, who is being praised for his testimony before the Senate Banking committee yesterday. Missing from Mr. Dimon’s testimony were the hallmarks of the Obama brand: whining, finger pointing, and attempts to shift the responsibility to anyone else for economic losses. Even more notable: Mr. Dimon was apologizing for losses of private money. We are still waiting for B. Hussein to apologize for giving his cronies at Solyndra and the sons of Solyndra taxpayer-funded loan guarantees, and otherwise throwing our money down various ratholes. Don’t expect to hear those apologies today, or …ever.


  1. Does this mean we can play “The Drinking Game™” again? I just happened across a bottle of Malört. I’ll drink a shot every time he says “Victory”, “full employment”, “lower taxes”, “less government regulation”, and I’ll down the whole damn bottle if he says “I will not run for re-election”

  2. Mensa! Good to see you!!

    If you drank that much, you’d probably be sick. But that hasn’t stopped you before!!

    Chase did what the market required of it; it fired someone who was underperforming to protect it’s shareholders.

    Maybe we can do something similar this November.

  3. Oh boy, Mensa! Another drinking game! Woo-hoo! I think we should add “headwind” to the list. Also “inherited,” “middle class,” and “fair share.” I haven’t watched the rerun yet, but as this post notes, I’ve seen the show over and over.

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