Obamas to Door of No Return. Does Michelle Ever Feel Guilty?

As in “if only when they were enjoying their $100 million taxpayer funded boondoggle they would decide not to come back.” I wonder if Mooch ever feels guilty over the fact that it’s only because her slave ancestors suffered, giving her the black skin privilege that she’s been able to use her entire life to get affirmative-action admissions, no-show six figure gigs and, now a ridiculously luxurious lifestyle.

obamas, Africa, Door of No Return


  1. even the brothers in Africa hate obomba. They spread raw sewage on the airport before obomba and his beard arrived!

  2. The Obamas have completely isolated themselves with arrogance. They both display this with the assumption of superiority and they mask this deception with a huge entourage spectacle. Much like ancient narcissistic rulers that travelled with their entire “parade” army which emphasized their importance. Both, continue to infect all society with a veil of secrecy and presumptuous behavior, as if they are well liked. Most people and leaders around the world see through their ruse and simply tolerate them or just ignore them all together.
    Like a horrible relative that you can never get rid of…they keep showing up. Stop being fooled by these frauds and stop being taken in under a shadow of guilt because they are black. No one really cares if they are black…people care about integrity and honesty.
    Obama has insulated himself from the real truth and buried it under a mountain of revolving door justice. He is systematically ruining the living heart of America. Like most despotic rulers, both of these individuals will be known throughout history for their arrogance and not by leadership.

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