Obama’s “You Didn’t Build It” on Prominent Display in Rahm’s Chicago

Earlier this morning, I posted about the flash mob robbery of $3000 worth of jeans from a Chicago store. Here’s the video:

You probably notice that this flash mob appears to consist of African-American young people. To your bitter clinging eyes, it may appear that they descended on the store and took what they wanted without paying for it, something we usually call “stealing.” What you are forgetting is that they did pay for it, albeit not in the traditional way. Instead, they paid because they are members of the “underprivileged” class that has been victimized for centuries by the evil racism hard wired into America from its founding. As we learned from the One, when he enlightened us about capitalism during his Roanoke, VA speech, the haves don’t have because they actually earned it on their own. So, what right do they have to hoard it? These youngsters are just getting even for the unfairness inflicted on them, their parents and their grandparents.

Meanwhile, the local authorities are more concerned about pandering to militant homosexual Stalinists than they are with protecting the property of anyone foolish enough to try to do business in what apparently was once a great city. Of course they are! Under Obama’s philosophy, shared by leftists everywhere, identity politics, rewarding your friends and punishing your enemies, and the exercise of unrestrained government power trump everything else, especially enforcing the property rights of business owners.

Incidentally if you recognize anyone in this video, please call Chicago police at 312-744-8290. Perhaps they’ll add your testimony to Police report no. HV-404817.

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