OK. Now I Get It. Here’s How the IRS Targeting Happened

During yesterday’s hearing on IRS targeting before a House Appropriations subcommittee, the democrats on the committee bleated on and on about their favorite hobby horse, especially whenever IRS targeting of conservatives is mentioned, the Citizens’ United case. Like their messiah, the One himself, Barack Hussein Obama, they are obsessed with this case, and endlessly outraged over “money in politics,” hoping that we won’t notice the obvious hypocrisy about this issue that is always on display. In a truly cringe-inducing moment, B. Hussein actually called out and berated members of the Supreme Court during his 2010 State of the Union address. Also during yesterday’s hearing, neither the acting Commissioner of the IRS, Daniel Werfel, nor the Inspector General, J. Russell George could answer one burning question: Who decided to initiate this highly inappropriate, and possibly illegal, targeting?

Now that I’ve read this item by John Sexton at Breitbart News, I think I know the answer, although not the name of the specific people. Those will come later. Washinton Times columnist and Drudge editor Joseph Curl says that this scandal is about to “explode,” which I don’t doubt. Here’s what Mr. Sexton points out. While the IG report states that the targeting began with an e-mail on February 25, 2010, the specific names of the sender and recipient are redacted. Still, the

 next entry, dated March 1st, does provide a clue. It reads, “The Determinations Unit Group Manager asked a specialist to search for other Tea Party or similar organizations’ applications in order to determine the scope of the issue.” [Emphasis added]

A detailed timeline included in the report indicates the whole affair began with a February 25, 2010 email. The contents of the email, as well as the name of the sender and recipient, have been redacted and replaced with a string of asterisks. However the next entry, dated March 1st, does provide a clue. It reads, “The Determinations Unit Group Manager asked a specialist to search for other Tea Party or similar organizations’ applications in order to determine the scope of the issue.” [Emphasis added]

He then goes on to cite this February 19, 2010 report from NPR entitled “Who’s Raising Money for the Tea Party Movement?” This report mentions Dick Armey’s Freedom Works, and Americans for Prosperity, which the report says is funded by–cue the scary music-The Koch brothers!!!! Insightful readers may be thinking “Gee, for 501 c organizations have existed in some form since the income tax was enacted in 1913, and liberal groups have used this section of the code for at least 50 years, and suddenly NPR is all up in arms about this terrible menace to our democracy?” Right. See above re liberals’ legendary hypocrisy.

Here’s where I part company with Mr. Sexton, even while commending his great reporting. He suggests that this NPR report initiated the higher IRS scrutiny. I don’t buy that; that is, I’m not buying that one group of liberals at NPR inspired another bunch of liberals at the IRS to engage in this despicable, un-American behavior. Here’s what happened, in my opinion. One of the liberals in Congress, many of whom were also bleating about Citizens’ United back then, or in the Obama administration, or suggested that NPR do this story. Then, the very same liberals who planted the story could say “After reading and hearing these media reports, we have an obligation to look into these groups.” Then one of these democrats sent or otherwise communicated to the IRS that it was time to get the ball rolling.

The timing is very interesting. Barack Obama berates the Supreme Court about the case on January 28, 2010. NPR does this story a couple of weeks later, and less than a week later, the IRS starts targeting conservative groups. Amazing series of coincidences, don’t you think?



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