On Chutzpa and Chakra

I could have made a V-8 with my 3D printer

Ah yes, good old AlBore has parted the clouds that fill the rising seas and bestowed upon us great wisdom:

In a discussion with AllThingsD editor Walt Mossberg, Gore focused on these main drivers of change—economic globalization, emergence of the “stalker economy” in the US, environmental damage, and money in politics—among other things.

Oh, do tell, Al.

“Our government has been hacked, and our constitution is the operating system.”

Yeah, and it takes a Hack to know it.

On top of a bleak political situation, the global economy is in a fragile state. Gore cited changes in the job structure and distribution of wealth as being big contributors. “We can thank both outsourcing and robosourcing for this,” he said.

In other words, never mind the Zombies- watch out for Robots!

Robosourcing is act of replacing an employee with mechanized tools

Maybe we could replace former vice-presidents with robots. Oh, wait. It’s already been done.

But it wasn’t all doom-and-gloom from Gore during the panel. He mentioned a chapter in his book called “The Reinvention of Life and Death,” which focuses on scientific advancements that have enabled us to change what the one-time Nobel Prize winner calls the fabric of nature. This power can help us in advancing medical procedures—Gore mentioned 3D printing as being a key advancement in making certain parts of modern medicine more affordable—and in turning the economy around as well.

That’s brilliant! Robots are taking our jobs, so we should use 3D printers to turn the economy around! Maybe even use the 3D printers to make the robots!

This is where Gore introduced the spider goat—a genetically modified animal that’s about to become as popular as the honey badger. Gore explained that spiders are difficult to farm “for obvious reasons,” yet their silk is extremely valuable. Genetic engineers have taken the genes from orb-weaving spiders and spliced them into the DNA of goats, so now these goats produce silk from their udders along with milk. The silk can be filtered from the milk more easily than silk can be collected from spiders—thus, a more economical way to farm silk.


Uh, Al- wouldn’t the abundance of silk drive the price of silk down?

Oh well, back to the old 3D printer’s drawing board. I’m gunna try to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

Al, stick to releasing your Chakra, and leave the book sales to people with cogent thoughts.

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