On Day of Rezko’s Sentencing, Lame Stream Media Downplays Obama Ties

Back in 2008, Barack Obama’s former employer and patron, former slumlord Antonin “Tony” Rezko, was convicted of six counts of mail fraud, six counts of wire fraud, two counts of money laundering and two counts of abetting bribery. Today he was sentenced to 10 1/2 years in prison. This is the man who facilitated Barack and Michelle Obama’s purchase of a Hyde Park mansion that they otherwise couldn’t have afforded, and who has been an Obama political contributor since 1995, or as the Washington Post calls him “Blagojevich fundraiser.”  Everybody and his dog knows what a smarmy, sleaze ball that Blago guy is. What many of us have a tough time understanding is how two guys, the afore-mentioned Blago, and the current occupant of the Oval Office, both of whom emerged from the same stinking slough of corruption, and who share the same benefactor, could have been perceived so differently. One would have thought that given all he had in common with his fellow Chicago machine alumns, including his extensive ties to Tony Rezko, and his endorsement of disgraced former Cook County Board President Todd Stroger, Obama’s presentation of himself as an agent of “hope” “change” and “transparency” would have gotten him laughed off the stage. It didn’t.

Obama’s most miraculous feat is not tripping lightly over the Cook County political pond’s filthy, stinky water. It’s stepping out of it apparently completely dry, sweet-smelling and pure as freshly-fallen snow.

I think that given all that Mr. Rezko has done for the Obamas, the least Barry can do is give him a pardon. He can ask Eric Holder how to make that happen. Based on his fine work on that Marc Rich pardon, I think we can conclude that he’s an expert on that subject, and he’s got plenty of time because he doesn’t read. Of course, there’s no guarantee that Mr. Holder won’t have one of his legendary episodes of temporary amnesia.


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  1. According to published reports, Mr. Rezko opted to go straight to jail after his guilty plea. He spent three and a half years in some county clink in Wisconsin awaiting his sentence. Why? To prove to Holder his loyalty? Or is it just saver behind bars?

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