Once Again, Obama Has His Priorities Straight

While most Americans live in sheer terror of having to fill their gas tanks, Iran moves steadily toward the creation of a nuclear weapon, and our troops are being killed in Afghanistan over the burning of previously-defaced Korans, the president proved again last week that he knows what’s important;specifically, issuing another in a seemingly never-ending series of apologies to our enemies, raising ridiculous amounts of money for his campaign, and finishing the hachet job he started in January with the very willing assistance of “objective journalist”/democrat flack George Stephanapolous, who raised the burning issue of “contraception” at a New Hampshire debate.

The Lame Stream Media continues to try to distract voters from the naked coercion in Obamacare with its silly narrative about the GOP’s “War on Women,” as demonstrated by Republicans’ desire to eliminate “access” to contraception. They hope to use Rush Limbaugh as the poster boy for that completely phony charge, especially in the eyes of emotionally-driven suburban soccer mommies, most of whom can’t name their congressmen, but who are horrified by the bombastic talk show host’s being so “mean” to a “courageous,” innocent young girl, only 23 years old! Or wait …30, and with a long history of left-wing political activism. Whatever. Clearly, when discussing this issue and sadly, many others, facts and details don’t matter. Now that Rush has issued an apology, will the democrats be satisfied, and, as they like to say “move on?” Not bloody likely.

We’ll also learn a little of the inside story of what might have led Rush to use such inflammatory language. It’s a dirty, little secret, but one well known in the world of terrestrial radio: outrageous words sell.

Join us Sunday for the rest of the story.


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  1. Government Motors can sell all of the expensive electric cars it wants to and our President can try everything in his power to “wean us off of oil” but it is never going to happen. There is no realistic alternative to oil and so called “green energy” is just a euphemism for left wing crony capitalism that has so far been a spectacular failure.

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