One Military Dead Guy, Another Military Dead Guy: Whatever, Says Obama

President Obama’s latest gaffe:

“Throughout my service, first as a senator and then as a presidential candidate and then as a president, I’ve always run into you guys,” Obama said. “And for some reason it’s always in some rough spots.”

“First time I saw 10th Mountain Division, you guys were in southern Iraq. When I went back to visit Afghanistan, you guys were the first ones there. I had the great honor of seeing some of you because a comrade of yours, Jared Monti, was the first person who I was able to award the Medal of Honor to who actually came back and wasn’t receiving it posthumously.”

Jared Monti was killed in Afghanistan on June 21, 2006. He was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously, September 17, 2009.

Let me break this down for you, just in case you might not see what’s going on (although I suspect you do): One military dead guy, another military dead guy. They are as fungible as bubble-headed, ex-beauty queen news readers to the One, whose real mission is “remaking” America, redistributing wealth to the worthy beneficiaries of “Barack’s stash,” and making sure that reparations start with him and Michelle, who is enjoying same during her latest taxpayer-funded luxury vacation in Africa with her mother and her daughters.

Here’s a fun thought Experiment: What If George W. Bush had said it?


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  1. Seems like just yesterday Michelle was extolling the memory of The Anti-Midas.

    First Lady Michelle Obama is back on the fund-raising circuit and she’s painting a very flattering picture of her hubby.

    “See, what you all need to know about the President you helped to elect is that when it comes to the people he meets, Barack has a memory like a steel trap,” she told her eager audience at a sold-out breakfast fund-raiser at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley, Calif., on June 14.

    This gaffe was caused by his lack of a TelePromTer and shows he is clearly devoid of patriotism. He has diminished the office and demeaned the legions that sacrificed for this Nation. He should be ashamed. But he is not. He wears it proudly.

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