Only 9 Hours Until Barack’s Boffo Comeback!

Be ready. Regardless of how poorly Barack Obama does in tonight’s debate, his mouthpieces in the Lame Stream Media will portray his performance as a magnificent “comeback.” There’s no doubt that he will do better than he did last time. Short of appearing on stage in a bra and panties and punching Candy Crowley in the face, he couldn’t do any worse.

As I told you on last Sunday’s show, “Obama in His Socialist Box,” if our Dear Reader falls flat on his face again tonight, so much so that even the Jurassic media can’t rescue him, it could well be lights out for his campaign. I don’t think that will happen. The silver lining for the Obama campaign from the first debate is that it may have lowered expectations for tonight. More important, remember that, just like last time, it’s not Mitt Romney v. Barack Obama. It’s Mitt v. Barry and the moderator. Ms. Candy Crowley will be one deciding the questions, and it will come as no surprise, that members of the LSM tend to prefer liberal questions. From Newsbusters:

Reviewing the five previous town hall debates, the journalist-moderators have tended to skew the agenda of these so-called citizen forums to the liberal side of the spectrum, but not always. Overall, questions have been twice as likely to favor liberal causes versus conservative ones.

In 2004, ABC’s Charles Gibson selected a balanced menu of questions, with questions from the left matching those from the right.

But Gibson is the lone exception. The other journalists who have moderated these forums — ABC’s Carole Simpson in 1992, PBS’s Jim Lehrer in 1996 and 2000, and NBC’s Tom Brokaw in 2008 — all favored liberal agenda questions as they chose which of the undecided voters would actually participate in the debate.

The bottom line: if history is a reliable guide, Mitt Romney has twice the chance of facing a hostile liberal question Tuesday night as Barack Obama has of facing a question based on a conservative agenda, as the record shows a 2-to-1 tilt to the left in past town hall debates. (emphasis in original)

So Ms. Crowley will be able to give her guy a badly needed shot in the arm in the selection of questions and questioners. No doubt she would prefer questions that skew to the Left. Even is she is objective, consider the fact that the audience will consist of “undecided” voters. Seriously? At this point, anyone undecided cannot have been paying attention. With rare exceptions, they must be clueless, disconnected, low-information dolts, or, in other words, natural liberals.

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