The Oprah’s Protegés: The Hero and The Zero

It’s Friday, and I’m going to be sharing more serious, even depressing, information later, so I thought I’d catch you up with the latest on two of the guys lucky enough to have the Oprah take a shine to them several years ago, resulting in their achieving fame and fortune that they couldn’t even have dreamed of before the touch of her mighty hand.

First, there’s Dr. Phil.The first time I saw this bald buffoonish blowhard, I couldn’t figure out why anyone would want to take advice from someone whose only skill seemed to be saying really obvious things to people too stupid to know that they were obvious, and saying them really loud and with great bombast. He was (and is) ridiculous, but with the Oprah’s imprimatur, he became America’s a designated expert on appropriate behavior. It turns out that we might want to revisit that view of Dr. Phil after this unfortunate tweet.

Dr. Phil, date rape, Oprah

Uh oh. It turns out that lots of people were offended by Dr. Phil’s attempt to do some research for that things that airs in between ads for shysters promising to get YOU a huge payoff for your personal injury claim, or to win your Social Security Disability claim, otherwise known as his worthless daytime TV show. It was his producers, or someone else, supposedly, they say, who tweeted to ask whether it’s OK to rape a drunk girl, which I suspect is true. I don’t picture this clown doing his own tweets. He deleted the tweet and apologized.

Of course, in fairness to Dr. Phil, but for the liberal “sexual revolution” that “liberated” women by telling them that freedom meant hitting the sheets with as many guys as possible, no one would be asking such a ridiculous question. Still, he should revisit his procedure for vetting these tweets before they get sent out there.

Then there’s Dr. Oz. I’ve never been a fan of the TV doc thing, and I don’t watch Dr. Oz’s show. For years I have been stunned by the level of ignorance in the general population about how the human body works, and to the extent he is helping to make a dent in that ignorance, I applaud him. Please let me know in the comments if that’s true. Regardless, if the stories of his recent altruistic activities are true, he is a hero. From Fox News:

Dr. Mehmet Oz’s heroic appearance at a New York City accident scene Tuesday wasn’t the only time he has come to the rescue in the past week.
Ken Roosa told Utah media the celebrity doctor dashed to his aid Saturday after Roosa collapsed just after a 5K race in Salt Lake City.
Race footage aired on KTVX-TV shows Oz, who emceed the event and was dressed in a red superhero cape, kneeling on the pavement to assist the 53-year-old Ohio man.

New York city accident? From CNN:

Oz, the host of “The Dr. Oz Show,” was getting ready for a shoot when he and his team heard emergency vehicles rushing to the scene, according to Tim Sullivan, representative of the Dr. Oz show. Their offices are about a block away from the accident.

Oz and students from the medical staff on the show ran to the accident, but by the time they arrived, paramedics were already on the scene assisting the injured tourist, according to Sullivan.
A good Samaritan walking by was able to use his belt as a tourniquet until paramedics arrived, according to Sullivan.
“David Justino, a plumber from New York, took action, removing his belt and using it as a tourniquet,” Oz said in a Facebook post. “My prayers are with the victim for a speedy recovery.” He posted a photo of himself and Justino on Facebook.
Oz told CNN affiliate PIX11 that when he arrived, the belt had been tied to the woman’s leg and he was just trying to tighten it to stop the bleeding. The cab driver was in a daze and very emotional, Oz said.
Another good Samaritan, Max Crespo, a pizza truck owner, put the woman’s amputated leg in a bucket of ice until paramedics arrived, according to WCBS.

Whoa! Why is Ben Affleck the next Batman? Perhaps it should be Dr. Oz.


  1. Teri, you know how I hate Oprah and anything she produces because she is a globalist with New World Order ties so so deep. PHIL MCGRAW IS A QUACK as far as I go.

    And you know the last time a rape comment caused such a stir you would have to go back to NYC TV in 1976. In NYC we had a weatherman named Tex Antoine who did the weather on some of the stations here. One night in November while doing the weather after a story on rape on Eyewitness News on WLS’ sister station WABC-TV, he supposedly made this comment…

    “With rape so predominant in the news lately, it is well to remember the words of Confucius: ‘If rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it.'” Well that caused a bit of a stir. The phones at 7 lit up like Christmas trees. Trying to save face channel 7 brass had to come up with something…so they did…TEX WAS TOAST! He was fired for making that remark. On the 11 PM report, the late great Roger Grimsby after his usual “…here now the news” open (akin to Fahey Flynn’s pseudo Bob Hope of “How do you do ladies and gentlemen”) issued an apology. Later on in his famed sarcastic wit, Grimsby introduced Antoine’s replacement Storm Field, son of NYC TV doctor and weatherman Frank Field who was at NBC4 at the time with “And now sit back, relax, and enjoy the weather with Storm Field.” More complaints came in, but neither man was let go.

    Grimsby would work for channel 7 until 1986 later going to NBC4. He died in 1993. Storm Field would work at some of the stations in NYC including his last effort at WWOR-TV My9 retiring in 2007. His dad Frank, now retired and living in FL is 90.

    Tex Antoine died in 1983 at only 59. He was born Herbert Jon Antoine, Jr in Illinois.

  2. That’s a pretty low bar for heroism—acting with no threat to himself or sacrifice of himself. I would say helpful but not heroic.

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