Our Brothers’ Keeper File: Rev. Wright’s Daughter Indicted for Money Laundering

How perfect is this one? From the Chicago Tribune:

The daughter of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright — the controversial former pastor to President Barack Obama — was indicted today in an expanding federal probe of a state grant tied to a former suburban police chief.

Jeri Wright of Hazel Crest is accused of helping former Country Club Hills Police Chief Regina Evans convert fake paychecks from Evans’ nonprofit to Evans’ personal use, allegedly hiding money that was supposed to be used to train minority and female workers in the building trades.

Federal prosecutors in the Illinois’ central district say Jeri Wright received about $28,000 in grant-tied paychecks in 2009, but $20,000 of that was deposited back into accounts controlled by Evans. Prosecutors also say Wright then lied to officers and a grand jury.

The charges emerge about a year after Evans was charged with fraud in relation to a $1.25 million job training grant awarded to her nonprofit, We Are Our Brothers Keeper.

“Job training grant awarded to her nonprofit, We Are Our Brothers Keeper?” Where have I heard those words before? It seems like maybe Barack heard a little bit more during those 20 years in Rev. Wright’s church than he’s admitting, no?

As Sen. Tom Coburn has told us many times, we throw billions down the rathole called “job training.” Gee, isn’t that what schools are supposed to be for?

Jeri, Girl, let me explain something to you. I know that your dad taught you that you are entitled to steal from Whitey as reparations for all the RAAAACISM in Amerika,  but you can’t make it this obvious. Barack and Moochelle have written the book on how to get your just desserts from the Man, and they put on a clinic on that subject every single day, with their endless celebrity-studded parties, perpetual luxury vacations and otherwise living the sweet life. I know that you were only trying to take a page from their book, but sadly, you didn’t quite pull it off, and now your chickens have come home to roost.


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