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It has been said that “Some people make things happen. Some people watch things happen. And then there are those who wonder, ‘What the heck just happened?” After watching the current occupant of the Oval Office, who is also sometimes laughingly known as “The Leader of the Free World,” over the last several years it’s safe to say that he not only doesn’t belong in the first category, he’s not in the second. If he is to be believed, he is clearly in the third camp, a bystander even to events caused by members of his own administration.

No one should be surprised, of course, that he appears to be a tad disconnected from the activities of those supposedly under his command. Recall that this is the same man who attended a church led by a racist, Jew-hating, screeching anti-American lunatic for 20 years, and claimed to have no idea about the incendiary content of his preacher, Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s, sermons. This is also the man who emerged smelling like the proverbial rose, a transcendent figure riding a unicorn over a rainbow, and promising a new beginning for America full of hope, change and transparency, despite arriving on the political scene as the spawn of ACORN by way of the Cook County political machine. That is the same stinking slough of corruption that produced former Illinois governor/current inmate Rod Blagojevich. Both the disgraced governor and Barack Obama shared the same benefactor, one Tony Rezko. Mr. Rezko made it possible for the Obamas to purchase their Chicago mansion, a house that they couldn’t have afforded without Rezko’s help. Yet, after the Chicago Sun-Times questioned Mr. Obama about depending on such a dubious source of financial assistance for the purchase of his family home, Barack claimed that he had no idea about Mr. Rezko’s many shady dealings. Tony went to the steel hotel, sentence to 10.5 years back in November 2011. Barack went to the White House, not once, but twice. It’s true! Ignorance IS bliss!

Before his first election in 2008, we learned that his aunt was living illegally in the United States. He had no idea, he said. She attended his first inauguration, and amazingly was granted amnesty. He also had no idea that his Department of Justice was conducting a dangerous gun walking scheme that ultimately caused the murder of Border Agent Brian Terry and the deaths of hundreds of Mexican citizens.

Now we have a new round of things that Barack Obama didn’t have any idea had happened, even though the responsible parties are all part of his administration. He is outraged. He demands accountability. It’s as if he is a bystander, rather than the person ultimately responsible for what happened. If this is leadership, then Hillary Clinton is as honest as the day is long.

Under Barack Obama’s watch, the Internal Revenue Service deliberately targeted conservative groups, including those devoted to educating people about our Constitution, by subjecting them to extremely burdensome requests for information, intrusive questioning about their donors, and the speakers they hosted, and even what books they read. One group, hoping to accelerate the processing of their application to be a tax-exempt organization, which was taking years, sent a copy of the Constitution. I’m not sure that submission was helpful. It probably confirmed the Obama IRS’ suspicion that they were dangerous subversives.

Barack Obama had no idea any that this highly improper activity was going on until he read it in the newspapers. Nor did he know about his Justice Department’s subpoena of AP reporters phone records, a huge fishing expedition that Eric Holder, who also claims to know very little about it, is trying to cover up with the universal fig leaf “national security.”

Then there is Benghazi, the “bump in the road” that inconveniently included the murder of four brave Americans. Barack was wheels up to Vegas on 9/11/12, off to a pre-election fundraiser, so he couldn’t be expected to know what happened there. Nor should we hold him responsible for the fact the numerous requests by our people in Libya were ignored, requests that should have taken seriously given the previous attacks on the consulate and the assassination attempt on the British ambassador in June, 2012.

Who exactly is in charge here?

I’m sure that there are some cynical bitter clingers among you who recall that Barack Obama is the first president since Richard Nixon to characterize his political opposition as “enemies,” and who has advocated that they be “punished,” and suggest that his claims of ignorance ring hollow. I can’t argue with you.

We’ve gone from “The Buck Stops Here,” to “We Are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For” to “There’s No There There.” For once, Barack Obama, at least referring to his own leadership and acceptance of responsibility, is correct.


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