Oval Office Address on ISIS: Obama Remains Hunkered Down in Leftist Ideological Bunker


As noted here, when Islamist lunatics go on a Christmas (or as Barack Obama would say a “holiday party”) party killing spree in California, Barack Obama’s knee-jerk response is all too predictable, and frightening; that is, more gun control on law-abiding Americans. No drama Obama has been revealed again to be disengaged, delusional Obama.

What was the point of that speech last night? I’ll summarize for you.

  • He is capable of a bloodless mouthing of the word “terrorism,” but he still has no realistic plan to deal with it.
  • If his government puts you on a list they make, and check twice, they decide who’s naughty (as in you can’t exercise your 2nd Amendment rights) or nice.
  • Be nice to Muslims

Told you so. You missed NOTHING if you didn’t see it.

It was only slightly less bizarre than Friday’s press conference by the Farook family attorneys, which we discussed on yesterday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show. Less attorneys, and more PR flacks, these two informed us that:

  • Tasheen Malik, San Bernardino jihadist bride, was a “typical housewife,” a regular Laura Petrie, whose brothers-in-law had never seen her face because she wore a full burqa.
  • The media is being unfair to Muslims and jumping to conclusions by equating the murders in San Bernardino as having anything to do with Islam.
  • We need to protect the “Muslim community” because its always under attack here in horrid Amerika.
  • Syed Rizem Farook’s co-workers teased him about his beard (and people wonder why he snapped!)
  • David Chesley, lead attorney, hates Britney Spears music.

Let me say it again: you can’t make this stuff up. Welcome to Obama’s America. It’s going to be a very challenging 13 months!

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