PA: Somali Refugees Whine About Their Free Education in the U.S., “Not What I Deserved”

As Obama continues to implement his remaking America plan by flooding our country with unvetted Syrian Muslims, could cases like this one be a preview of coming attractions all over our country?


 Somali refugee Qasim Hassan told a Pennsylvania court that upon his arrival in America, “I did not find the school that I deserved.” (emphasis mine)

Previous experience with Somali refugees has shown what a terrific contribution that they have made since we decided to import thousands of them into our country. For example, these fine new residents of the United States, or this family, involved in the sexual assault of a five-year old girl in Twin Falls, Idaho.

phoenixacademyHassan is among six refugees who are suing Lancaster schools with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union, alleging that an alternative school where some older refugees were placed isn’t good enough, and the inadequate instruction violates their rights, PennLivereports.

“We came to get a better education,” Sudanese refugee Khadidja Issa told the court.

Wait, that’s funny. I thought they were fleeing persecution.

The lawsuit alleges refugee students “were, are, or may be in the future denied their right to equal educational opportunities and meaningful public education by Defendant School District of Lancaster in violation of the U.S. Constitution, federal civil rights statutes, and Pennsylvania education law,” according to PennLive.

The students, who range in age from 17 to 21 years old, claim district officials denied or delayed their enrollment in the school system, and often sent older students to an alternative school – Phoenix Academy – instead of McCaskey High School, where the plaintiffs claim students receive a better education.

According to Newsworks:

Pennsylvania school code says residents between 6 and 21 years old are entitled to a free public education. At least one international treaty, the U.N.’s 1951 Refugee Convention, requires refugees to get the same public education as residents of countries where they’re resettled.

What could be better than having a 21 year-old Somali in an American high school? On second thoughts, haven’t we seen a teensy-weensy problem with these unassimilated new residents having a bit of a problem understand acceptable behavior in Western society, especially when it comes to sexual behavior?

Clearly, these “refugees” have their own agenda, as we can see from this item. On the upside, as you know, some may have another, much more sinister, agenda than stealing free education and other goodies from U.S. taxpayers.

Some of you may be scratching your heads and saying “Please remind me again why we are bringing these people into our country?” The Obama Regime has its own agenda for importing Muslim “refugees.” Read more about that in the many links here in the Show Notes for one of the episodes of The Teri O’Brien Show. (can you say “vote fraud?”)

By the way, special note to my friends in Pennsylvania, especially female voters: remember that Hillary Clinton has pledged to bring thousands more Muslim refugees into our country, even more than Obama wants. Are you sure that any of the supposedly offensive comments made by Donald Trump outweigh the possibility of importing thousands of “refugees” and all the issue they bring with them into the country? You might want to take a look at this story about what happened to a 13 year old at a public swimming pool in Massachusetts before you answer.


  1. “That I deserved.”
    That pretty much says it all now, doesn’t it?

    • Right. Perfect isn’t it? Normal, common sense Americans say “Gee, why exactly do we need to import people with a sense of entitlement and no skills, some of whom may want to kill as many of us as possible?” Answer: it benefits only the democrat party and crony capitalists seeking cheap labor. Indulging these people who put their interests ahead of the rest of the country will be the end of America, which of course is what the Left has always wanted.

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