Paging Michelle: African American Community Organizers Help Preserve Ghetto “Food Dessert”

Mooch, you might want to check into this Trader Joe’s thing.

Don’t you hate it when liberal agendas collide? For example, Michelle Obama has demonstrated time and again, beginning with her semi-literate college thesis, that she is a race-based cauldron of boiling rage. In that afore-mentioned thesis, she lamented that an Ivy League education might make black graduates less race-conscious. What a nightmare!

Since entering the White House, Mooch has turned her attention to becoming America’s Number 1 (self-appointed) expert on health, fitness and nutrition. She has been especially vocal on the subject of alleged “food desserts,” poor, mostly minority (NATCH) neighborhoods where fresh produce and other healthful food is difficult to find. She has lauded “public private partnerships” to do something about that, but so far, some of the promised new stores haven’t materialized. Why not? Because the reason there are “food desserts” in the first place is that stores in these neighborhoods aren’t profitable. Duh.

So, here comes Trader Joe’s. They wanted to open one of their great stores in a low-income neighborhood. From Clash Daily:

Trader Joe’s, an innovative grocery chain, supplying low-cost food to communities across the country, had been actively seeking to open a store in a depressed area of NE Portland (Oregon) since 1999. In partnership with the Portland Development Commission, the idea was for Trader Joe’s to jump-start revitalization of the largely black community.

Two weeks ago the chain, retreating from howls of protest against them, mostly from PAALF, jettisoned their plans to build in that neighborhood. Why was PAALF fighting development? Because, according to’s headline last week: “Black Activists and Politicians Force Trader Joe’s Grocery Out: Claim It Would Attract Too Many Whites.”

What’s a First Lady to do? On the one hand, she’s got to stand in solidarity with her brothers and sisters who don’t want Whitey invading their neighborhood. On the other hand, this TJ store is exactly the kind of thing she’s been asking for. Repeating, what’s a First Lady to do?

I know. Serve a fancy meal for your dogs, complete with fine china.

Enjoy your canned tuna, Peasants!

Enjoy your canned tuna, Peasants!



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