Panic in Chicago: This Time GOP Will Actually Campaign!

A couple of weeks ago, Donald Trump tweeted “I wonder if @BarackObama ever applied to Occidental, Columbia or Harvard as a foreign student. When can we see his applications? What do they say about his place of birth.” The result was foaming at the mouth, hysteria and outrage from Obama campaign surrogates and their allies in the Jurassic media, who demanded that Mitt Romney immediately denounce the disgusting, and even “racist,” questioning of B.Hussein’s origins. They angrily pointed out that Mr. Trump’s queries, both about Obama’s college records and his elusive birth certificate, are baseless, which is obviously true. Those who disagree, wondering, for example, why until 2007, Obama’s publisher promoted his book as being written by a guy born in Kenya, are clearly confused, stupid, or even insane.

To make their point, they produced an ad comparing and contrasting the “leadership” displayed by the McCain non-campaign, apparently hoping that on one would notice one teensy weensy detail about 2008, specifically, they lost. Remember? They were the LOSERS. I guess it’s not difficult to understand why Axelrod, Plouffe and friends would hope that the GOP would decide to phone it in again, so that they could run a do-over of the ridiculous, superficial, celebutard-driven, “hope and change” con that worked so well before. Yesterday the Romney campaign demonstrated, in a very cool bicoastal way, that they have no intention of allowing the One’s mouthpieces, both in and out of the Lame Stream Media, to intimidate them into silence, by bemoaning their lack of “civility,” which they clearly understand is a synonym for laying down and clearing the way for a second Obama term. In Boston, they gave sleazy apparatchik Axelrod a taste of his own medicine, by showing up to heckle him as he repeated his hackneyed meaningless slogans. It was almost like they were community organizers or something. On the west coast, Mitt showed up to do a presser outside the shuttered HQ of Solyndra, a monument to Obama’s crony capitalist failures.

Now that they realize that this time they might actually have a credible opposition, one that is going to highlight the colossal failure that is the Obama presidency, they have got to be in a state of all-out panic. They have nothing on which to run. They are fresh out of ideas, and fresh out of luck. This is going to be fun!

What say you? Are you happy to see Romney fighting back?




  1. Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander, Todd. And, just to be clear, are you calling me a “right-wing nut job?”

  2. Robert H. Goetz, Sr.

    Republicans Campaigning like they mean it? I’ll believe it when I see it. If there is one thing the Republican Party is good at, it’s snagging defeat from the Jaws of Victory! Just don’t let John Mc Cain near the Campaign.

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