Paranormal Activity? Sort of, On Guy’s “Ghost Cam.” His Slutty Shack Up Banging His 16 Year Old Son

This is what this dude gets for (1) shacking up with a slut and (2) trying to record ghosts.
Man’s ‘Ghost Cam’ Catches His Wife Having Sex with His Son (from Gawker):

A camera set up by a Tasmanian man to record “paranormal activity” in his home instead picked up an extramarital affair between his 28-year-old wife and his 16-year-old son.

According to prosecutors, the woman, who has been the man’s “de facto partner” for the past several years, entered her stepson’s room one day last October to talk about his driving lessons.

Is that what we call it now, “driving lessons?”

Best comment from the comment thread:

“But here’s the thing: his son has been dead for two years.”

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