Paul Ryan, the Anti-Obama: Show Notes, 8/12/12

Obama voters at the Sandra Fluke-Obama event on 8/7/12 demonstrate their brilliance

Strassel: Vampire Capitalism? Please –

Obama’s False Attacks (from the official Romney campaign site)

‎ (the plan that Paul Ryan wrote and discussed with Tim Geithner, who, when presented with the fact that if we don’t do something about entitlements, we’ll be Greece, said “we don’t have a solution. We just don’t like yours.”

Evanston Mayor-I Would Ban Guns – YouTube (we played excerpts of this interview featuring Mayor Tisdahl cheerfully explaining that she would ban guns, and dismissing an incident in which a jewelry store owner defended herself against an assault by armed thugs out to rob her by saying if neither had guns, guns would be out of the equation. Once again, illustrating that liberals are like children, living in a fantasy world.)

Demand A Plan to End Gun Violence (the latest from Bloomberg and his fellow gun grabbing mayors, who are “Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” as opposed to the mayors who are in favor of illegal guns

Conservative All-Stars Join William Kelly for Media Bias Panel August 18th | Publius Forum (I will be attending this event, and look forward to seeing you there. You can RSVP to Bill at

Free Capitalism Now Fool Me Twice: Obama’s Shocking Plans for the Next Four Years Exposed (9781936488575): Aaron Klein, Brenda Elliott: Books (from our guest Brenda   Eilliott, who scared us to death by sharing what her extensive research reveals about what Obama plans for us if he wins a second term)


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