How to Go From Paying $1302/month for Health Insurance to $94/month: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 10-13-13

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Thanks to our guest Prof. Charles R. Kesler, editor of the Claremont Review of books, and author of a great book, I am the Change: Barack Obama and the Future of Liberalism. I Am the Change eBook: Charles R. Kesler: Kindle Store I Am the Change eBook: Charles R. Kesler: Books

The Claremont Institute – Claremont Review of Books

No Thanks, Mr. President | National Review Online

Obama’s game is now and has always been, not to debate his opposition, but to “punish” his “enemies,” and destroy them. All Alinsky all the time. Five days before he was elected in 2008, he said he would “transform” America, and he has set about doing it. Obamacare is the key to that transformation. As our guest, Prof. Kesler explained on this edition of the show, and as I have often noted, Obamacare dramatically changes the relationship between citizens and the government. Despite Chief Justice John Roberts’ doing a Bill Ayers and re-writing the legislation, it’s as anti-Constitutional as ever, delivering the coups de grace to that document of “negative rights” that Obama has so long despised.

Obama now haunted by his ex-political mentor (Story about how Obama paid his political mentor, communist Alice Palmer, back by getting her kicked off the ballot so he could be elected to the Illinois State senate in 1996)

By the Numbers Segment

Chrysler Spends $1.2 Billion to Expand in Mexico – (Query: shouldn’t they be using this $$ to pay back the U.S. government or, failing that, create jobs in the USA?)

ObamaCare mandate could lead Washington grocery workers to picket line | Fox News

Report: U.S. government keeps data of innocent Americans innocent for up to 75 years | The Daily Caller (Mooch needs 26 servants for all her important work

Lower 2014 income can net huge health care subsidy – SFGate (How to reduce your monthly health insurance premiums from $1302/month to $94/month–reduce your income by $2000 a year. Remember, there are “winners” and “losers,” under Obamacare. The way to be a winner is to reduce your involvement in productive work.)

NBC Blasts Obamacare Exchanges: ‘The Focus of Ridicule’ and ‘A Complete Mess’ | Washington Free Beacon

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