Pelosi and Reid Violate House Rules to “Expose” Koch Brothers, While Soros Steers $40 million to Left Wing Groups

Neil Munro reports at the Daily Caller on Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid’s latest attempt to demonize those “un-American” Koch Brothers.

Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi is helping a progressive group break Capitol Hill fundraising rules by hosting the premier of a partisan movie in the Capitol Visitor Center, according to the GOP chairman of the Committee on House Administration.

“Rightly so, we cannot hold partisan political rallies or fundraisers on the grounds of the Capitol or within its walls,” said the May 19 letter, from Rep. Candice Miller, who chairs the bipartisan committee that funds and oversees House operations, facilities and non-partisan support staff. …

The new movie is being promoted by Democrats — including Pelosi and Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid — who are trying to portray David and Charles Koch as political ogres. The film is called “Koch Brothers Exposed,” and Pelosi and Reid are expected to attend the movie’e premier in the visitor center May 20.

The movie was produced by Brave New Films, whose board consists of Democratic activists.


Right. We’ve got to expose these billionaires operating in the shadows to buy our political system. But wait …Rep. Pelosi and Sen. Reid, is anyone doing a movie about the latest from former Nazi sympathizer/left-wing sugar daddy George Soros? From The Washington Examiner:

A secretive dark money group backed by George Soros and other liberal mega-donors is looking to steer nearly $40 million to left-wing groups in 2014 to support high-profile political and policy efforts, according to documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The documents reveal for the first time the Democracy Alliance’s full portfolio of supported organizations, a large network of powerful liberal groups looking to win key electoral and legislative victories.

The Democracy Alliance connects major Democratic donors with some of the largest and most influential liberal activist groups in the country. Previous beneficiaries, such as the Center for American Progress and Media Matters for America, are set to get millions more in 2014.

The list also reveals DA support for newer organizations, such as Organizing for Action, the advocacy group that succeeded President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign. That group has received official sanction from the White House, and operates websites and social media accounts branded with the president’s name.

This excellent piece of journalism is long, but it is worth your time. As you get to the end where the beneficiaries are listed, you will see the name “Brave New Films,” which is the studio that made “Koch Brothers Exposed.” Maybe their next film could be “George Soros Exposed.” Probably not.


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