Perfect: Uber Liberal/Income Redistribution Advocate Barbra Streisand’s Stepson Lives on Street, Forages for Food From Garbage Cans

A liberal who loves people, people who need people, that’s Barbra Streisand, as Babs sings in her famous song. Yes, Babs, like your stepson who forages for food from garbage cans. From the Daily Mail:

His Hollywood family is worth nearly $500 million but the troubled homeless stepson of Barbra Streisand whiles away his days sitting on benches and rummaging through public trash cans.
Jess Brolin, son of actor James Brolin and brother to Josh, was recently photographed picking through garbage where he lives in Ojai, California.
After losing his $800 per month apartment in 2011, the 41-year-old now lives on the streets and sleeps in vacant lots not 80 miles from his millionaire showbiz family’s home.


Barbra Streisand's homeless stepson
Gee, they could at least help him get some of those very plentiful food stamps that the Obama regime likes to hand out.


  1. Well, I didn’t want to mention the obvious, which as you note, that he doesn’t appear to have missed any meals. Maybe Babs should call her fellow compassionate lib Moochelle so she could design a fitness and nutrition program for him. She is America’s leading (albeit self-appointed) expert on those matters, no?

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