I’m No PETA Fan, But This Time They’re Right. Hey, Obama, Shelter Dogs Need Homes!

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The Obamas have a new puppy, and once again, they chose to turn their backs on the millions of shelter dogs who need homes. From The Washington Examiner:

“The president seems to be in the doghouse again,” People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals President Ingrid Newkirk told Radaronline. “Just one day after The Washington Post revealed that the dog and cat overpopulation crisis is so severe that the Washington Humane Society is stacking cats in cages in the hallways and cramming too many dogs into kennel runs, the Obama family apparently failed to listen to the plea of ‘adopt, don’t buy’ that greeted the arrival of the First Dog, Bo, and acquired Sunny, the Second Dog, from a breeder, which is the animal-protection world equivalent of kicking a hobo.”

Sunny is 14 months old and was born in Michigan. The Obamas said that allergies of Sasha and Malia are the reason they went with the same breed.

But Newkirk threw water on the myth that shelter dogs are worse for humans who are susceptible to allergies.

But Newkirk threw water on the myth that shelter dogs are worse for humans who are susceptible to allergies.

“There they are, sitting homeless on Petfinder.com: every breed and mix of non-shedding dog, from poodles to water spaniels. Every one of these cast-offs would have loved to curl up under the desk in the Oval Office,” the statement to Radaronline said.

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I’m sure glad that my Mommy is a conservative who believes in pet adoption, not a phony liberal hypocrite.

It’s so typical of these liberal hypocrite phonies, who bloviate endlessly about their concern for the downtrodden, but when it counts and they have a chance to help someone in needs, they look away. If you’re a crony contributor, Barack Obama is there for you. If you’re an unborn child or a shelter dog, Mr. Compassion votes present.


  1. I can’t imagine that these animals will leave the White House with the rest of the family. I never see pictures of the girls with Bo, and when we do see Obama and Michelle with Bo it’s as if they’re strangers. Is the trainer still on staff? Maybe they just needed to justify his salary since Bo is already trained?

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