Phony Obama Panders to Open Borders Crowd; Media Ignores Stunning Hypocrisy. The Teri O’Brien Show, 5/15/11

1st hour-Media Continues to Run Cover for Two-Faced Jug Earred Braying Jackass. Oh I mean for “Mr. President” This Time on Immigration

The trouble with dynasties, featuring Lucky Luke Russert, Mentally-Vacant Meghan McCain and Mitch Daniels. Is he just a Bush proxy paving the way for President Bush 3 (Jeb) in 2016? Should his bizarre marital situation matter?

Our recently absent friend, Rabbi Eukel, checks in, responds to Teri’s suggestion that Maria Shriver, a Kennedy, for heaven’s sake, could not possibly have been upset to learn of her husband’s infidelity. Repeating: she’s a Kennedy! Don’t they view infidelity as something akin to having to put the toilet seat down, just another little challenge of married life? The Rabbi goes all serious on that one, but then, he tells a really bad Jewish joke, which prompts Teri to remind him that she does the comedy.

Fresh from B. Hussein Obama’s pandering, demagogic and cringe-inducing speech in El Paso, which featured sarcastic attacks on those who believe in protecting the U.S. border, Teri takes the audience back to 2005 and 2007, when a certain junior senator from Illinois (D-Union Lackey)killed comprehensive immigration reform, causing Sen. Lindsay “John McCain Jr” Graham to nearly have puppies on the Senate floor.

The Illinois “little” DREAM (NIGHTMARE) act passes IL Senate, and Gov. Pruneface continues to do all he can to make his state worthy of the slogan “America’s Playground for Illegals.”

IMF French socialist and his worthless organization, just a way to funnel U.S. tax dollars into the pockets of tin pot dictators and similar ratholes, dealt a blow, no pun intended, by his being dragged off a plane by the NYPD to face sexual assault charges

Teri faces off with Obama supporter Jesse, who claims that his guy has made a lot of “progress,” including “health care.” What’s next? The New York Yankees telling us how great they’re doing??!! Marathon Pundit asks if Obamacare is so successful, why are so many waivers being handed out to Obama cronies? Update on the waivers here. He also points out the one sin that the Daley administration could not forgive. The post I wrote that linked to Marathon Pundit’s blog, We Don’t Want Nobody Nobody Sent.

2nd hour-When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong

David “Howdy Doody” Gregory throws down the race card, accusing Newt of racism because he mentions the verifiable fact that Barack Obama is the “food stamp president.”

Howard Dean admits that democrats will demagogue the issue of Medicare–AGAIN. Hear the evidence at ~1:10 of the show.

Note to BHO: we already have a moat. It’s called the Rio Grande.

The Critiquelator breaks down the Obamas’ recent invitation of rapper Common, who praises not one but two convicted cop killers, to our White House as Michelle’s way to “keep it real.” We’ve all seen how very wrong that can go, and if you haven’t watch this very funny video from Dave Chappelle’s series, “When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong.”

Chris “the Screamer” Matthews condemns “nasty Newt,” then proceeds, with blood practically dripping from his mouth, to refer to Newt as “Freddy Krueger.”

Bin Laden’s Porn Stash (H/T SL Mensa)-In addition to the titles in the graphic below: Behind the Green (Door) Tent  Flap

The Story of (O) Mo

What the (Butler) Imam saw

Fatima does Islamabad

Deep Goat



SL Pete, citing our dynasty motif, envisions putting the “nasty” in “Dynasty,” Mouchelle’s campaign for Queen of America, and answers the question, inspired by the flooding in the Gulf Coast “What would you grab if you were given only an hour to leave?”


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