French Police Stopped French Truck Terrorist HOURS Before His Massacre

French Truck terrorist Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel was parked on street for NINE HOURS before the attack.

From the Daily Mail:

Truck terrorist Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel told police he was delivering ice cream when police stopped his truck hours before on the same promenade where he massacred 84 in the Bastille Day massacre.

Bouhlel had been parked on the street nearly nine hours before he was questioned by police who failed check his vehicle, which was reportedly packed full of explosives and ammunition. (emphasis mine)

The 31-year-old married father-of-three was known to police as he was arrested for his involvement in a pub brawl in January.

Bouhlel, a delivery driver in Nice, who separated from his wife two years ago, has a criminal record for domestic violence, theft and possession of weapons.

He was also on probation after he fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into four vehicles on a highway, it is claimed….

At 10.30pm the driver accelerated along the beachfront road and ploughed through the crowds of people for more than a mile before getting out and opening fire, killing at least 84 people.

One witness said: ‘I even had time to see the driver’s face. He had a beard and appeared to be having fun.’

Police are using the 1,200 surveillance cameras covering the city to track the killer’s route before he began the attack.

Bouhlel is thought to have rented the truck on Wednesday from a specialist garage at Saint Laurent du Var by Nice Airport.

Police have discovered CCTV footage of the moment the man boarded the lorry in the hills around Nice, according to reports.

Documents found in the cab included an ID, a mobile phone and a credit card.

Bouhlel was known to police before the attack for reports of domestic violence, theft and ‘acts of violence and use of weapons’.

He had also been arrested following a pub brawl on January 27. Investigating sources said his last appearance in a criminal court was as recently as March, when he was found guilty of violent contact.

Did the cops hesitate to check the truck because they didn’t want to be accused of “racism” or “profiling?” Political correctness KILLS. What part of that do people not get?

 Meanwhile, we allow ISIS, a band of filthy, murdering medieval barbarians to continue to murder innocents while their HQ in Raqqa, Syria remains intact. Barack Obama holds seminars with cop-hating leftists about phony issues like non-existent police racism while the world burns. Why hasn’t Raqqa been leveled? Collateral damage? What does he call what happened last night in Nice?


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