Political Correctness Strikes Again: 2nd Amendment Night Cancelled

On last Sunday’s show, during the 2nd Amendment update, I told you about the plans by the minor-league Huntsville Stars to celebrate Independence Day with more than just fireworks. They were planning to raffle off some firearms. We praised them for using the occasion of our country’s birthday to celebrate one of our most precious freedoms, the right to keep and bear arms.  Now the event has been cancelled! 2nd amendment night, Huntsville StarsFrom Mr. Conservative:

A minor league baseball team in Alabama, the Huntsville Stars, planned a “Second Amendment Night.” At the event, three weapons were going to be raffled off. Due to national criticism, however, the team cancelled the event.
The Southern League and Minor League Baseball headquarters told the Huntsville Stars to cancel the event, which was set to happen on Wednesday.

Director of Media Relations Nicole Collins said, “Minor League Baseball advised us that it would be best if we didn’t hold the promotion. We’re just trying to protect the game.”

Seriously? And we’re just trying to protect the Constitution.

I don’t know who represents the district in which this stadium is located in Congress, but I think it is incumbent on that member of Congress to denounce this PC bullying attempt to marginalize and demonize the 2nd Amendment. If we don’t stand up to the liberty-hating Left, we’re going to wake up one day and wonder what happened to our freedom.


  1. As most of our readers know, I am a vociferous defender of the Second Amendment. I find this an intolerable situation, albeit that I had long predicted it. As I had once mentiond on the Teri Obrien Show, the aim of the left is so eliminate the mere thought of guns, hunting, sport shooting, home defense, personal protection, and/or the mere thought of guns from the american psyche. Whether it be in the form of art, or the incidental nibblings of a child’s “Pop Tart,” the elimination of firearms is on the front-burner of the communist agenda.

    Admiral Yammamoto once commented during WW2, “that an invasion of the US would never be possibble because there would be a Rifle behind every blade of Grass.” The obvious aims of the socialists in Washington is to convince the soft-minded and uniformed that “Guns only belong in the Hands of Government.” To this end, they have only achieved partial success… which only strengthens their resolve. Remember, as Teri has oft stated, “Tyrants achieve their meas by a series of ‘baby steps.” It is up to us to steel our resolve, lest our children be condemned to lives of government slavery.

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