Post-Election Haiku: Michelle Obama Edition

Haiku 1:

Michelle Obama

Food and nutrition expert

You can see her butt from space.

Haiku 2:

Repellant Michelle

Cheers her husband’s re-election

Plans luxury trips.

Haiku 3:

Michelle says “you know”

at least four times per sentence.

She has no PromTer.



  1. I am sure the First Lady would be very upset to know you are saying such things. Actually, never mind. I am SOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!

    • I’m sure she knows that you could park an aircraft carrier on her ass.

      • You were also sure that Romney would win by a blow out. You are not really correct about things that you make people pay you $5 or more that you are “sure about”. You are a grifter who is too old to have that hairstyle.

        • I was sure that Romney would win, and I couldn’t have been more wrong in my prediction. I was not alone. People as smart, or even smarter, if that’s possible, than I, like George Will and Michael Barone agreed. As for my hair, given the incessant number of compliments I get on it, I wouldn’t dream of changing it.

        • I thought I’d share two compliments I received today: “you never have a bad hair day,” and “You have really stunning hair.” So to recap: (1)Moochelle Obama is an affirmative-action assisted know nothing who has a rear end you could put the Astrodome on (2) unlike me, she has no degree in any fitness or nutrition rated subject (3) she is the grifter who lives LARGE on our dime and (4) my thick, gorgeous, glossy, flowing hair is AWESOME.

  2. like the comments I’ll be back True to the SPACE wife said that long ago AN ALl the subject is Large can you say Go Large So much for the Chains McDonald’s, Burger King. Wendy’s Oh and an ICON Hostess
    com’on HO-HO, Devil Dogs, Cup Cakes, Snow Ball, and Fruit Pies Michelle from Hell has ruled. NO MORE. Proud NOW Michelle

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