Pres. of OF Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Assn: Obama Has Blood on Hands

Another inconvenient truth: stating the obvious about Obama, who hosted members the Marxist, Soros-funded Black Lives Matter hoax at the White House. He does have blood on his hands.

Detective Steve Loomis rightly calls Obama out.

As we discussed on yesterday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, throughout his occupation of the Oval Office, Barack Hussein Obama has barely concealed his disdain for law enforcement, which is a view he shares with all of his fellow Marxists. What did his buddy Bill Ayers call police? Remember? “Pigs.”

Of course, leftists despise the police. They are the defenders of the rule of law, which is the bulwark against what these statists want to do to the rest of us. In Obama’s case, throw in the prism of race, through which he sees EVERYTHING, to the exclusion of reality or facts. From his infamous “police acted stupidly” remark back in 2009 to his cringe-inducing performance at last week’s memorial for five murdered police officers, it’s clear that without knowing the facts in cases that involve blacks, he immediately assumes that they are victims of racist cops. Who needs facts, whether its the facts about the disproportionate rates of black crime, or the specific facts in a given case, when you have a Marxist narrative that you learned as a child from a card-carrying communist?

Obama is without question the most anti-law enforcement chief executive in the history of the United States. His full-throated embrace of the phony Black Lives Matter hoax in itself would be enough for him to earn that title. As such, he does have the blood of not only police officers, but the victims of crime that have resulted from his terrible policies. Open borders, his lawless amnesty and the release of criminals, many of whom are illegal aliens, have all resulted in death and injury to innocent people. Blood, blood and more blood.

A pathetic disgrace.


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