Pres. Payback Strikes Again, and Your Kid Might Be the Loser as a Result

Obama’s Payback program hits schools, making them less safe for your kids

As you well know, Barack Obama’s obsession with “remaking” America is motivated by his passionate belief in the inherent, irredeemable racism of this country. Remember when he commented on the death of his faux son Trayvon, the kid found with the stolen property and the burglary tools, who was pounding George Zimmerman’s head into the ground when he had the misfortune of being shot by his most recent victim?

In Barack Obama’s mind, “Hands up, Don’t Shoot” really happened, even though it didn’t. Trayvon Martin, the thug Michael “Gentle Giant” Brown, and similar black criminals are not responsible for their actions. Instead, these perps are themselves the actual victims, victims of racist Amerika! Similarly, if black students are disciplined in school for disruptive misconduct at a “disproportionate” rate, the reason is obviously not that these particular students have misbehaved more than others. It’s racism! Racial quotas for discipline has had the predictable result. Now, thanks to Obama’s policies, schools are less safe.

From the Washington Examiner:

Ever since the Obama administration told schools they would risk losing their federal funding if they didn’t stop suspending black students, schools have become less safe.

The issue started in January 2014, when Obama’s Education and Justice Department’s issued guidance telling schools that racial disparities in school discipline amounted to racism. …

In New York, former Lieutenant Governor turned conservative policy commentator Betsy McCaughey reports that these policies have ledto a 90 percent increase in forcible sex offenses, a 69 percent increase in assaults with weapons and a 40 percent increase in assaults.

“The [Mayor Bill] de Blasio administration is touting a dramatic decrease in school suspensions. That’s only because the unruly students are allowed to stay in the classroom, continuing to disrupt,” McCaughey wrote. “Last week, at a United Federation of Teachers meeting, 81 percent of teachers said their students are losing learning opportunities because of the disorder and violence.”

McCaughey says that even some school unions aren’t supporting de Blasio and the Obama administration’s policies, with the president of one union saying the policies are “grooming criminals.”

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What say you? I’ll ask again: are you fed up yet?


  1. Beyond fed up. Common Core, teachers union with no accountability, kids allowed to punch teachers, and racial violence results in an education system at the worst case ever.
    The Department of Injustice promotes Islam and diversity at the expense of teaching. Could it be that by dumbing down education further, they think that they can increase their voter base? If that was true, they would also not enforce the immigration laws about securing the border.
    The Obama administration would never think of such an approach. Did I also say that pigs can fly?
    Rant over. I don’t feel any better, since I see what we have become, sheeple.

  2. twitter_MNManstein2

    Without trying to sound like a broken record, I hope and Pray that Trump gets elected. He has said he would abolish Common Core, and the Department of Education. Both of those things need to happen. Our schools are becoming Satanic breeding grounds for new generations of Demon Worshipping thugs. In fact, we had a situation here in Minnesota where a big burly white male teacher was knocked unconscious during a fight with a black male student in the school cafeteria. The teacher is still trying to recover after months of therapy. If I am not mistaken, the teachers Union is actually trying to sue the school district because of the unsafe working environment. It is crazy that even the Liberal Teachers Union finally sees the writing on the wall. Maybe these Liberals will vote for Trump? I can only Pray that will happen.

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