Presidential Debate Post-Mortem: No Knock Out Punch, No Minds Changed

Thanks to all of you who participated in the live chat during the Presidential debate tonight. That was fun!


My initial thoughts after watching:

Lester Holt, Clearly Mindful of What Happened to Matt Lauer, Went Full Candy Crowley, and Spewed Ignorant Inaccuracies

He “fact checked” Donald Trump at least five times by my count, and “fact checked” Hillary not a single time.

No questions on Benghazi.

No questions about the fact that one of her closest aides, Cheryl Mills, received immunity for her involvement in destruction of evidence under a protection order, or the actions of her IT guys, Paul Combetta and Bryan Pagliano, who have taken the 5th numerous times about their involvement in her email scandal.

Even when he mentioned the issue of hacking, he steered clear of mentioning her use of several insecure outlaw servers. We just learned that the Russians have hacked into Yahoo. On Friday, in the latest FBI document dump, we learned that Huma Abedin had some of Hillary’s emails on a Yahoo account! No questions about Hillary endangered national security.

No questions about sanctuary cities, which she supports.

No questions about her desire to dramatically increase the importation of Muslims from jihadist hotbeds, especially relevant in the increase in Islamist attacks in our country during the Obama Regime.

No questions about the Clinton Foundation or Uranium One.

He was absolutely inaccurate about “stop and frisk.” Just like a ban on Muslim immigration, it is NOT UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The law is still based on the Supreme Court case Terry v. Ohio, which allows these stops based on “reasonable suspicion.” The trial judge in New York said it was unconstitutional as applied, but that has to be taken with a grain of salt (read on.)Lester, you are not a lawyer, and you shouldn’t make ignorant remarks about issues you clearly don’t understand.. The case in New York, based on an ACLU lawsuit, would still be going on if the current mayor hadn’t dropped the appeal filed by Michael Bloomberg. The appellate court actually threw the trial judge off the case because she was prejudiced against the cops. So, he was wrong about that.

He also recited the Clinton campaign’s talking point that Donald Trump was not against the war in Iraq back in 2003. Now there’s an issue that really helps your health insurance deductible go down or keeps us safe from Islamic terrorists! It’s important to understand that the only reason that anyone is talking about what Donald Trump thought about Iraq 13 years ago is because Hillary Clinton voted for the Iraq War. Of the two of them, she is the only one on the record as voting for it. She voted for it because at the time it was the politically expedient thing to do. Now she claims it was a “mistake” for the same reason. (She seems to make a lot of “mistakes,” doesn’t she?) Barack Obama also never had to go on the record with a vote (despite what brilliant CNN correspondent Michelle Kosinski thinks) because he wasn’t in Congress at the time. Despite his speech against it, there is evidence that if he had to actually vote on it, he might have done the political thing to.

Hillary DID call TPP “the gold standard,” not that she “hoped” it would be, but Lester didn’t “fact check that.”

Hillary, when challenged on the economy, invoked her husband’s great record on the economy. Even leaving aside the fact that much of that success was due to the actions of the GOP Congress, was she saying that she needs her husband to do the work for her in the job she wants? Lester didn’t mention that.

That last question about whether if a candidate lost he or she would accept the results was a real WTF moment for me until I realized he was trying to get Trump to say something about the democrats’ well-known propensity for vote fraud that would make the election illegitimate.

Congratulations, Clinton campaign, your endless whining today did the trick, and nice going, Lester. You will not be ostracized and have to sit alone in the NBC lunch room.

Hillary Seemed Like She Was on Whatever They Gave The Stepford Wives. Avoided the Screeching -Good. Still Did a Lot of Condescending Smirking-Not So Much

Thanks So Much to Lester Holt! Finally Someone Brings Up an Issue That Has Been Completely Ignored and Forgotten in this Country. I Refer Of Course to the “Issue” of Race

Really? This is what we need to spend a third of this debate on? The very fact that he seemed to think that’s what we need to focus on demonstrates that Lester is a shill for the Left.

Donald Trump Missed Some Opportunities, And He Needs to Seize Them Next Time

When Hillary went on her whole riff about Trump’s dissing women, basically repeating Megyn Kelly’s question from last year, and Trump said he didn’t want to say anything mean and “very tough,” I think he was referring to Hillary’s persecution of the women who got involved with her reprobate husband. I don’t think he should let her get away with that. There is a way to bring it up without it backfiring, and he needs to do that. He mentioned Sid Blumenthal and how he was the spreading the idea that Barack Obama was born in Kenya to McClatchey news. (Of course, Obama and his publisher claimed that he was until 2007.) One way we know that the McClatchey guy was telling the truth is that the late Christopher Hitchens, who had been friends with Sid Vicious, testified under oath, that Sid was peddling the idea that Monica Lewinsky was a lying, nutty stalker, who fantasized about having an affair with Bill Clinton. Sid and Hillary are BFF’s, so does anyone believe that she didn’t know he was doing that? The issue of Hillary’s role in enabling Bill’s abuse of women is a legitimate one, and needs to be brought up if she attacks Donald Trump on his treatment of women.

When he talks about ISIS, he needs to remind people of Hillary’s desire to grant amnesty on Day One, and to increase “refugee” resettlement by 550%.

There Was No Really Memorable Moment, and I Don’t Think It Changed Anyone’s Mind

I don’t think it moved anyone who was on the fence. Donald Trump did what he needed to do, and even though you will hear the liberal media repeat endlessly that he got flustered when she baited him, I don’t think that’s true. He was calm and collected. Hillary was reading everything she said from note cards. He was speaking to us without notes.

What was your impression of the debate? Do you think it changed anyone’s mind?


  1. I don’t know, but I saw him talking about it last night.

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