Projectile Vomit Alert: Trayvon Martin Would Have Been 18 in 2014, and That’s “Very Sacred”

So said Alan Williams, a state representative in Florida who attended today’s White House meeting “to emphasize the administration’s commitment to ensuring full access to the polls,” as the WaPo reported.  Also in attendance, Al Sharpton. Remember this post, featuring this photo?

Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman

Repeating: there has never been a dime worth of difference between these guys. It was true in 2004. It was true in 2008, and it’s true now. Too bad so many well-intentioned people were fooled.

Barack Obama and Eric Holder have launched yet another political-motivated attack on the rule of law, this time by defying a Supreme Court decision on pre-clearance pursuant to the Voting Rights Act. The tip off that their latest push for “social justice” and “voting rights” is all about politics was that it was announced at a political event, the national Urban League convention. Today they held the afore-mentioned meeting in the White House to discuss black skin privilege. Also in attendance newly confirmed Sec. of Labor Thomas Perez. What does the Sec. of Labor have to do with the issue of voting rights? Ordinarily nothing, but remember Mr. Perez is the guy behind the racializing of the Civil Rights division of the Justice Department. He had to be there!

Welcome to Critical Race Theory in the White House, Kids! That’s what you get when you elect a “community organizer,” who should be holding a clipboard on a Chicago street corner, so that he can occupy the Oval Office.



  1. In 2014, Martin would have been 18? I guess Zimmerman saved the taxpayers of Florida a lot of incarceration money. Martin would have been in the slammer before he turned 19 or dead at the hands of some other street thug high on Arizona Watermelon juice, Skittles, and Robitussin.

  2. Emperor Choom! LOVE it!

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