More Proof, Except You Don’t Need it Because You Already Know, That Libs Are Enslaved to Teacher Unions

For all their protestations about being devoted to education and helping poor children, their rhetoric is rendered ridiculous by actions like this latest from the “non-partisan” (read leftwing) Southern Poverty Law Center. From The Cato Institute:

Earlier this week, the Southern Poverty Law Center filed a federal lawsuit contending that Alabama’s new scholarship tax credit program violates the Equal Protection clause and harms the low-income students attending failing public schools whom the law is intended to help:

[SPLC] President Richard Cohen said the new Alabama Accountability Act will take millions away from public schools and will make the failing schools worse than they are now. He said the law was promoted by Republican Gov. Robert Bentley as giving students a way out of failing schools.

“It’s a lie. Our clients do not have a way out of the failing schools that they are in,” he said.

This law gives families an opportunity to get their children out of a failing public school into a non-failing school by giving them a $3500 tax credit to help them pay for private school, but the SPLC says “if everyone can’t go to a better school, no one can go to a better school,” or in other words, public school teacher unions don’t want anyone to escape their incompetent, achievement-destroying monopoly. After all, if they allow even the tiniest cracks in the government school wall, cracks that would let the light of competition shine in, what might happen to their members who have been insulated from the having their mediocrity exposed?

Liberals organizations like the SPLC care so much about the indigent and minorities that their hearts might explode. Never forget that, even if bizarre actions like suing to prevent poor children from escaping failing schools might make it seem otherwise. Who do you believe? The liberal media or your lying eyes?

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