The REAL Problem with Roseanne’s “Racist” Tweet: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show 05-03-2018

The REAL Problem with Roseanne’s “Racist” Tweet. (Hint: it’s not the “Planet of the Apes” part. It’s the Muslim Brotherhood part.


Proud Pedophile Runs for Governor in Virginia, thanks to Terry McAuliffe

Author Matt Margolis, fed up with Obama and his acolytes making the hilarious assertion that his administration was “scandal free” wrote a book to disprove it. Please check it out, and remember that you can get a free copy of the audio book with your 30-day free trial of

Obama Rhodes

We just weren’t ready for Obama’s amazing awesomeness!!

But over at the Liberal Death Star aka the New York Times, Maureen Dowd says we just weren’t ready for Obama’s awesomeness!



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What You’ll Learn From Listening to This Episode

  • How you can get a free audiobook and a 30-day free trial from out sponsor audible. Click here to get your free book!

  • Is this a joke? Maureen Dowd writes that Obama was “just too good for us.
  • Interview with Matt Margolis, author of The Scandalous Presidency of Barack Obama
  • 2A Update: Illinois tries to trample 2nd Amendment rights, Detroit firearms instructors educate women on self-defense
  • Corrupt media whines about President Trump’s pardon of Dinesh D;Souza, but what about Bill Clinton’s Marc Rich pardon
  • Corrupt media obsessed with letter from President Trump’s lawyers, stating case that he can’t be compelled to testify. and by Rudy Guliani’s assertions on Sunday shows, that even though he won’t do it, President Trump could pardon himself
  • Wack stack: After former VA governor and Clinton bag man Terry McAuliffe restored voting rights to felons, a proud pedophile is now running for office
  • Admitted liar James Clapper admits that U.S. interfered in foreign elections
  • The real reason that Roseanne’s tweet calling Valerie Jarrett the spawn of Planet of the Apes and the Muslim Brotherhood ginned up the leftist rage machine

And more!


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Maureen Dowd re Obama: “We just weren’t ready for his amazing awesomeness.”

Opinion | Obama – Just Too Good for Us – The New York Times

Matt Margolis, The Scandalous Presidency of Barack Obama

Roseanne Controversy

Ann Coulter Goes for the Jugular After Joy Reid Accuses Her of Being a Man

Donald Trump v. The Deep State

Dinesh D’Souza Pardon Is Just | National Review

Clinton pardon of Rich a saga of power, money – Chicago Tribune

George Papadopoulos Case Needs a Closer Look | National Review

Alan Dershowitz says anyone can get clemency from Trump, as buzz builds behind bars

Law Prof: Trump can pre-pardon all in Russia probe, kill Mueller’s inquest

John Brennan pens op-ed vowing to criticize Trump ‘until integrity returns to the White House’ | TheHill

Clapper: The U.S. Meddled In Foreign Elections And Conducted Regime Change In The “Best Interests Of The People” – Tea Party News

Opening the White House to the Muslim Brotherhood

2A Update

NRA-ILA | Illinois: Registration & Firearm Surrender Bills Go to Governor Rauner’s Desk

Detroit Firearm Instructors Train 700 Women How To Safely Operate Guns

Wack Stack

Congressional Candidate In Virginia Admits He’s A Pedophile

30-year-old leaves parents’ home with help from Alex Jones

NYC sanctuary policy sends ‘hundreds’ of criminals back onto streets: DHS – Washington Times


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