Question of the Day: What’s the Number One Thing You’d Like to Know About Barack and/or Michelle Obama?

keep-calm-and-ask-me-questions-241Is there something that you’d like to know about Barack Obama? Michelle Obama? Has an Obama Kool-Aid drinker made a claim that you weren’t sure how to refute? Please post it here in the comments. I can’t wait to hear your questions.

Thanks so much!


  1. How come if Obama torched a kitten on live TV most of my family would let it pass and forgive him but if Mitt Romney says “Binders Full of Women” they all have an aneurysm? Thanks.

  2. Oh, I do. I saw portions of a video released by ISIS, that would be the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. I saw it before it was pulled by YouTube. The Barbarians are murdering every Shi’ite they can lay their grimy paws on. It is nothing short of a Holocaust. I haven’t seen such savagery since the fall of Saigon. This will far exceed the claimed 100,000 the leftists claim were killed the the Iraq theater during the Bush administration. Yet Obama, and his minions fall silent. Why?

    A bonus question: Where the heck did ISIS get all those brand new trucks?

  3. My question would be: Did you ever even imagine that the republicans and the tea party could destroy the republican party’s ability to win any national election? And then I think I might start giggling in delight.

  4. How come “the most transparent administration in history” has so many unfulfilled requests for documentation of its various questionable activities? How come you yourself Mr. President have so many otherwise public records regarding your past legally shielded from scrutiny? Where’s the transparency the country was promised?

  5. Why do you support the Muslim Brotherhood, and why do you have their people in the U.S. government, when they have the same geo-political goals as Al-Qaeda?
    Why do you support the cease-fire plan of Qatar and Turkey, who support the terrorist organization Hamas, and not the one of Egypt, who oppose Hamas?

  6. What brand of ear plugs did you wear at the Rev. Jeremiah Wright sermons? I think I’d like to get a pair!

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