Question from a Listener for Techies Out There

One of my SLs (Smart Listeners) contacted me about a problem he’s having getting into the live and lively chat room that we have every Sunday during the live show. He wrote:

Recently, I’ve had the problem that when I try to participate in the chat room, I type in letters and it comes out as numbers. I’ve rebooted the computer but am still having this problem. Until about a month ago, it worked fine. Is there anyone associated with your show who is a tech guru and could help me?

Tech guru I am, but I’m the Mac girl, as most of you know, and this listener is running Windows 7. Not that I think that is decisive. That’s one of the challenges with troubleshooting these computer issues. It’s not hard. It’s just time consuming because it’s a process of elimination. So, if any of you have any suggestions, please make them by commenting here.

Thanks so much!


  1. which browser ?
    which version?
    does he get updates from MSoft?
    does this happen in other chatrooms?
    is the a forum for users of his browser?

    • These are all essential questions. As you know, the troubleshooting process is all about the process of elimination. He needs to answer these questions to be able to troubleshoot the problem.

  2. Teri:
    I know this first step soundes stupid, but are his “Caps Lock” On? Then try a full Virus Scan and quarantine any infected Files. Then do a Scan for Malware. These items were recently wreaking havoc with me, despite having two firewalls.


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