Question from a Listener for Techies Out There

One of my SLs (Smart Listeners) contacted me about a problem he’s having getting into the live and lively chat room that we have every Sunday during the live show. He wrote:

Recently, I’ve had the problem that when I try to participate in the chat room, I type in letters and it comes out as numbers. I’ve rebooted the computer but am still having this problem. Until about a month ago, it worked fine. Is there anyone associated with your show who is a tech guru and could help me?

Tech guru I am, but I’m the Mac girl, as most of you know, and this listener is running Windows 7. Not that I think that is decisive. That’s one of the challenges with troubleshooting these computer issues. It’s not hard. It’s just time consuming because it’s a process of elimination. So, if any of you have any suggestions, please make them by commenting here.

Thanks so much!

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