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I have heard reports that Dr. Corsi will name the individual who forged the Certificate of Live Birth proffered by Obama on 27 April.  Is that action in fact still pending and if so, when?  Could Dr. Corsi comment on the fact that  not one doctor, nurse, midwife, security guard, clerk, registrar, janitor, or visitor has searched their memory banks or records and come forth to claim their place in history as being present at the birth of the 44th president of the US at Kapiolani Hospital in Honolulu?

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  1. The forger is supposedly “Mike.” Take the “M” from “P.M.,” the “I” from the two last signatures, “K” from “TKE,” and “E” from the smiley face. He is in the media and may be close to the controversy. As for when we’ll get a last name, Corsi said he’s still looking into it. Since he knows the person is in the media, Corsi must already have a pretty good guess as to the identity of the forger.

    Probable candidates are: Mike Evans, due to his close ties with Ambercrombie and the controversy he stir for saying he spoke with Ambercrombie and told him the he couldn’t find the BC; Michael Isikoff, because he wrote an anti-birther article with infamous lines (such as the half-typed half handwritten comment), is tied with the Monica Lewinsky scandal (supposedly was the first one to report it but Drudge published the story first); Mike Blake, due to his ties with a secret fraternity linked to Obama; and Mikes tied to the firm Perkins Coie (some who specialize in graphic arts).

    The doctor written on Obama’s BC is dead and cannot verbally attest to being present at Obama’s birth. The local registrar, UK L Lee (lol) should not have been written on Obama’s BC. There were four local registrars when Obama was born. The registrar for the Kapiolani hospital was someone else, as evidenced by the Nordyke twins’ BCs. One person has come forward and said they saw baby Obama just after he had been born. That person, Monika Waidelich, says she believes the baby she was Obama because there were very few black people in Hawaii in 1961.

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