Radical EPA “Mistake” Perfect Metaphor for Federal Government’s Impact EVERYWHERE

Radical EPA’s “mistake” is a perfect metaphor for Federal government’s arrogance and incompetence.

Remember this?

Gee, this EPA “mistake” reminds me of another spill, back in the early days of the Regime of Barack the First. Where is he today? No doubt shoving a basketball-sized ice cream cone into his pie hole in Martha’s Vineyard. Imagine if this spill was caused by private industry. Do you think Obama might comment?

How perfect is it that the “Environmental Protection Agency” caused an environmental disaster through its arrogance and incompetence? Isn’t that pretty much what the federal government does to nearly everything it touches? (The only exception is the U.S. military, which no doubt like any agency operated by human beings makes mistakes, of course, but largely performs magnificently.)

From CNN:

The mustard hue of the Animas River in Colorado — the most visible effect of a mistake by the Environmental Protection Agency that dumped millions of gallons of pollutants into the water — is striking.

Just a glance at a photo of the orange-yellowish slush is enough to know that something seems wrong. Scientists will have to say just how wrong, and possibly dangerous, the contamination is, though five days after the spill answers are few. …

One question that has been answered is the size of the spill: more than triple than originally estimated. The U.S. Geological Survey reported the size of the spill to be more than 3 million gallons, compared with the initial EPA estimate of 1 million gallons. …

According to the EPA, the spill occurred when one of its teams was using heavy equipment to enter the Gold King Mine, a suspended mine near Durango. Instead of entering the mine and beginning the process of pumping and treating the contaminated water inside as planned, the team accidentally caused it to flow into the nearby Animas River.…

According to sampling done by the EPA on various points along the Animas River Wednesday and Thursday last week, levels of lead, arsenic, beryllium, cadmium and mercury were extremely high compared with acceptable levels set by the agency, which are technically called “maximum contaminant levels” or “action levels for treatment.”

One of the samples of mercury was nearly 10 times higher than the EPA acceptable levels. Samples of beryllium and cadmium were 33 times higher, and one of the arsenic levels was more than 800 times higher.

Exposure to high levels of these metals can cause an array of health problems from cancer to kidney disease to developmental problems in children.

“This is a real mess,” said Max Costa, chair of the department of environmental medicine at New York University School of Medicine. “These levels are shocking.”

The Navajo Nation, affected by this disaster, is not pleased. Also from the CNN story:

Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye has announced he intends to take legal action against the federal agency.
“They are not going to get away with this,” Begaye said in a statement. “The EPA was right in the middle of the disaster and we intend to make sure the Navajo Nation recovers every dollar it spends cleaning up this mess and every dollar it loses as a result of injuries to our precious Navajo natural resources.”

In a statement from NMED, state engineer Tom Blaine said that the EPA took no action to alert residents of New Mexico to the potential danger, and did not notify the state directly.

The EPA has been one of the most destructive federal agencies in our nation’s history, persecuting private citizens, attempting to control what we do on our own property, by even regulating puddles through authority they grant themselves, and imposing costly and idiotic regulations that will drive up energy prices. When they wreak havoc on the environment, it’s a “mistake,” that is shrouded in secrecy.

Oh, and by the way, where are the environmentalist protestors? EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy? Bueller Bueller?


  1. Even today we hear the ridiculous meme repeated “hands up. Don’t shoot,” which never happened. Thug intimidates store owner and attacks cop, and tries to take his gun, which results in thug’s death. As you point out, the One is in Martha’s Vineyard stuffing his pie hole with ice cream cones the size of basketballs, but if some issue arose that allowed him to exploit the race card, he would be in front of the cameras in a New York minute.

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