Random thoughts before today’s show…

I’m tired of hearing about how 90% of all Americans are for universal background checks. What a charade. No one is even discussing what the disqualifiers would be (taking an antidepressant, DUI. unpaid parking tickets, overdue library books…?) I propose we have universal background checks for anyone who wants to work in media, and full disclosure of the results. Then at least the public would know that 90% of them were at one time connected to the democratic party or related to someone who is.

With some libs planning to push higher taxes on ammunition, we may find ourselves living in a country where only the rich can afford to lock and load. But don’t worry, I’m sure the democrats will come up with an “ammo-stamp” program for the “poor.” Like food stamps, it will be abused more often than the wife of an alcoholic hillbilly, but it will do what it’s intended to do; produce votes for democrats.

Here are a couple of items from the “It’s Great to be a Short Term Thinker” Department:

The democrats and the media mocked Ronald Reagan’s strategic defense initiative, saying that it would be at least 2000 before it would yield the desired result.. That means by now, we’d be about twelve years down the road from being in a position to tell Kim what-the-fuck and Ah-ma-dim-wit to take their nuclear weapons and shove them straight up their asses.

Back in 2003, the opposition to the war in Iraq (jagoffs like Dick(head) Durbin pointed out that Saddam Hussein wasn’t even close to having a nuclear weapon and wouldn’t be until at least…2007. Hey, wait a minute. That’s six years ago…

When President Bush tried to open a microscopic section of the Alaska National Wildlife Reserve to oil exploration, the democrats argued that we wouldn’t even see any oil production until… 2012.

Short term thinking has cost us greatly, and we’re seeing it again, with President Numbnuts putting forth a budget that NEVER balances. His reasoning is that the deficit his budget allows is “manageable.” That may be true, President HeWho (as in, He who doesn’t know what the capital gains tax is), but the national debt is cumulative, as is the service on that debt. If we don’t balance the budget and start paying the service on the debt, we are going to have a new national pass time: knitting “What me worry?” sweaters to sell to the Cypriots.

So, you may have guessed that I’m a little steamed today. Blame it on Michigan. If the weasels had lost, I’d have won my NCAA pool. But not all is lost. If Louisville wins tomorrow, I still win. I’ll bet President Blow-bama is for Michigan.


  1. Producer Thomas, you are so right on about short-term thinking. It’s stupid and dangerous, like liberalism.

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