Random Thoughts on a Tuesday Morning

After Jim Treacher, doing amazing investigative journalism by actually reading Dreams From My Father, exposed B. Hussein as a dog eater, do you suppose Bill Ayers received a call from the White House? Obama: Jesus Christ, Bill, WTF? Did you have to put that dog-eating thing in there? Ayers: Dude, I told you to read the final draft carefully. Is it my fault that you said you weren’t up for it because you were working on ways to put the gun industry out of business or something? Not my problem.

Jesus, Ayers, did you have to put that dog-eating stuff in the book?

No matter what Lawrence O’Donnell or Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D-Montana) say about how weird Mormonism is, if you ask me the guy who comes from a family of dog-eaters has more explaining to do.

Did anyone ever answer the question that Obama asked during Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, “Why is she famous?” referring to Kim Kardashian. I didn’t think so.

Who is more insane: Dan Rather or Keith Olbermann?

Has Michelle Obama ever asked David Axelrod why he has 14 chins?

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