Raunchy Super Bowl Ads Disappoint. Is Obama to Blame?

As I mentioned on yesterday’s show, this year’s crop of Super Bowl ads were a major disappointment. The Big Game commercials showed that originality and creativity have taken a back seat to explicit, raunchy exploitative publicity seeking efforts, such as that revolting Go Daddy ad, featuring model Bar Rafaeli playing tongue hockey with a fat guy who appears to be wearing a fright wig, that can be described by only one word: gross. I await the howls of protest from the fat acceptance groups like NAAFA over that Go Daddy ad.

What does Barack Obama have to do with that, you might be asking? Stay tuned, and I’ll make my point about that, and as always, I do have one.

Back to those ads. I don’t want to dwell on the crummy ones. There were some good ones; specifically, these three, listed in ascending order.

Third Place: Go Daddy’s “Your Big Idea”

Demonstrating that you don’t have to be salacious and vulgar to make an effective spot, this ad is funny and makes the point about the value of registering a domain and setting up a web presence better than all the spit-swapping ads in the world.

Second Place: Budweiser-“Brotherhood”

A man reunited with the horse he raised and sent off to Clydesdale glory. Very touching.

First Place: Dodge Ram-“So God Made a Farmer”
A big surprise. Extremely effective because it made an emotional connection with a beautiful combination of very appealing visuals and a compelling voiceover by the late great Paul Harvey.
Honorable mentions:

Jeep’s “Coming Home” ad, featuring a voice over by the Oprah, Kia “Space Babies.”

What ads did you like or hate? Please post your thoughts in the comments.

Now, as promised, what does any of this have to do with Barack Obama? Answering questions like this one is why my work is never done. If the last four years have taught us anything, it’s that the Age of Obama is a time in which American are being encouraged to accept mediocrity as the “new normal.” In the last quarter our economy contracted and last month our unemployment rate increased, yet to see media reports, we would believe that everything is so much better, that our economic “recovery” is humming along. We are being asked to settle, something that Americans have never done. How very sad that fact is to contemplate, especially in the week that we celebrate the anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s birth.

During Inauguration Week, Obama’s supporters were unabashed in proclaiming that their guy is determined to reverse Reagan’s legacy. He’s well on the way, from a country that seeks and rewards excellence to one in which we are reduced to being grateful for the crumbs from big government’s table, content knowing that we have a cool celebutard king in office, who is always fighting for the “middle class,” even when he and his repellant wife are spending millions of tax payer dollars jet setting all over the planet from one luxury vacation, date night or other opportunity to take advantage of their well-deserved reparations.

Once standards have been lowered so abysmally that we can be conned by a cult of the personality manufactured by a slobbering media from racial politics and meaningless buzz words like “hope” and “change,” which apparently trump genuine qualifications for office, is it any wonder that we see mediocrity everywhere we look?

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