Ready for Your Invasive Exam from the IRS? Check out the Obamacare Tax Form

I can hear those IRS agents snapping on the gloves right now. Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform have created this Obamacare Tax Form to shine a light on the impact this hideous scheme is going to have on all of us if it’s not repealed:

Just what the doctor ordered. Another government-mandated form that you must fill out under threat of prison.

The entire post from ATR is well-worth reading. Please share this information with your friends, many of whom I’m quite sure have no idea what is about to hit them if B. Hussein Obama is able to pull off his con a second time.

Of course, it was obvious that imposing this federal government takeover of our health care system would require a level of coercion that is repulsive to all red-blooded Americans. Gee, maybe that’s why they don’t want it to take effect until after next week’s presidential election …


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