Now We Know One Reason Hillary Got Paid Big Bucks: Speeches Contained Classified Info

Now we know why she gets the big bucks! If you pay her six figures, she’ll tell you things that only those with a security clearance that she couldn’t get today would have access to know.

Yes, you can’t make this stuff up!

And attention, Hillary apologists, if you want to continue to repeat the talking point that these emails are “stolen,” and we don’t know if they are genuine, please explain to me why, if they are not real, Hillary responded to a question about them in Sunday’s debate by citing Abe Lincoln. Remember? When confronted with her behind-closed-doors comment that you have to go full Eddie Haskell on the deplorables and bitter clingers and lie to them when the cameras are on, while you tell your donors and those who pay you $250,000 for a 20-minute speech, she tapped danced about thinking she was citing the brilliant political skill of the 16th president. She DIDN’T say “I never said that. Vladimir Putin made that up.” Even Brianna Keiler, a devoted Hillary spokesperson, on CNN yesterday basically said “C;mon we know they are real.”

Big Bucks

So now we know that not only was she expressing her desire for open borders, even while admitting that murderous jihadists will infiltrate our country with “refugees,” but also revealing information that could endanger our national security AGAIN, just like with her outlaw servers.

How in the world can any American who cares about the future of this country vote for this rotten, irredeemably corrupt woman?


  1. I agree, Laurence. There is so much winning material there in the area of corruption. If we add crime and terrorism, game over. I think Trump gets it.I hope that the people do. I have always trusted the wisdom of the American people, although the 2008 election shook my faith a bit.

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