Religion of Peace? ISIS Fighter Publicly Executes His Mother After She Urged Him to Leave

ISIS publicly executes his own mother. These are VERY sick puppies, in case you hadn’t noticed.


From the International Business Times:

A 20-year-old Islamic State group fighter publicly executed his mother in the Syrian city of Raqqa, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Friday. The ISIS fighter, identified as Ali Saqr, reportedly killed his mother, Leena al-Qasem, after she had been allegedly “inciting her son to leave the Islamic State.”

According to the U.K.-based monitoring group, the woman was in her 40s and hailed from the city of al-Tabaqa, 34 miles west of Raqqa. She had reportedly insisted her son to end all ties with the militant group. She wanted to escape with him and told him “that the coalition will kill all members of the organization.”

The United States-led coalition is conducting airstrikes in Iraq and Syria targeting ISIS strongholds. On Wednesday, a U.S. military spokesman reportedly said that the coalition had killed an estimated 2,500 ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria and another 60 in the first few days of January.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that Saqr reported his mother to the extremist group, which accused her of “apostasy.”

The IBT story also contains this little nugget:

This week, reports surfaced that ISIS has executed its first female citizen journalist for writing about life in Raqqa since it became a stronghold for the jihadi group.

Ruqia HassanLeena al-Qasemwidely known this week, the Guardian reported, adding that she had been placed under surveillance by ISIS and was held in August.

Talk about your War on Women. Care to comment, Hillary?


  1. When you discus Islam, especially as it relates to ISIS, I think you are misunderestimating the problem by calling it a religion. It is a political ideology that grooms its membership from the ranks of the religion, but it is oversimplification to call it a religion. This is not the first time we have had to deal with an ideology based on religion. Shintoism in Japan was just such a practice. Shintoism similarly had its kamikaze- those willing to die for their “god”, the Emperor.

    “Shintoism, insofar as it is a religion of individual Japanese, is not to be interfered with. Shintoism, however, insofar as it is directed by the Japanese government, and as a measure enforced from above by the government, is to be done away with. People would not be taxed to support National Shinto and there will be no place for Shintoism in the schools. Shintoism as a state religion—National Shinto, that is—will go . . . Our policy on this goes beyond Shinto . . . The dissemination of Japanese militaristic and ultra-nationalistic ideology in any form will be completely suppressed. And the Japanese Government will be required to cease financial and other support of Shinto establishments.”

    Telegram of Secretary of State James F. Byrnes, transmitting the radio remarks of John Carter Vincent, head of the Office of Far Eastern Affairs, to the supreme commander of the Allied Powers in Japan.

    As you can see, we have faced this threat before, and we know how it turns out- in a flash of light that can turn sand into glass. I think the object would be to keep all the enemy combatants in the same area to maximize the effect on their morale.

    Bush was right about fighting them “over there” so we don’t have to fight them here. Now that the Dems and the RINOs are bringing them here it will be much harder to eliminate them all.

    • As usual, my clear-thinking friend, you make an excellent point. Of course, I agree with you about political Islam. It is an ideology, not a religion. The headline isn’t a mistake, though. I take that from what groups like CAIR say. Please keep the common sense coming!

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